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9 Wordle Spin-Offs To Check Out If You’re Looking For More Wordle In Your Life

Many games out there for you to try out.

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Unless you’ve been hiding off from social media these past months, then you may have come across someone posting about Wordle. Even if you haven’t played it, you most likely has seen someone talk about it or post their score on Twitter. The word game has become the internet’s latest online obsession and has become so popular that the New York Times bought it in a multi-million dollar deal. Of course, with its massive popularity comes the fact that it has spawned countless spin-offs. For example, you may already have heard of it’s Tagalog counterpart Saltong. And considering how NYT‘s new ownership of Wordle has led to a slew of controversies, now might be the time to find other games to play. If you’re looking for more free online word games like Wordle, here are a few we feel are worthy to try.


How To Play The BTS-Inspired Wordle

For all the ARMY and BTS fans out there, this one is for you. Think you have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things BTS? Then try out Wordle BTS. The game is basically like Wordle, expect for the fact that every five letter word you guess will be related to BTS. And another cute and BTS-centric change in the game is that when you guess the right letter in the right spot, the box turns purple instead of green. Purple, of course, is a special color for BTS and ARMY.  



Love geography? Then you may end up loving this game. Test out your geography skills and knowledge of countries in Worldle. In the game, you have six tries to determine the country through it’s shape. If you get the wrong answer, it will show the distance between your guess and where the actual country is, as well as in which direction it is. If having the shape of the country makes it too easy, then you can change the settings to make it more challenging.

Another geography themed game to try is Globe Game, also known as Globle. Here, you are given unlimited tries to guess the mystery country of the day. The thing is you aren’t given any clues. Just type down a country and it will be shaded depending on how close it is to the actual answer. The closer the guess is to the correct answer, the darker shade of red it gets.


What Is Dordle? Everything You Need to Know

If guessing one word a day seems to easy for you, then check out Dordle. Here, you have to guess two words at the same time. You have to guess two five-letter words and have seven guesses to do so. There are two modes you can try, Daily Dordle which is the daily once a day challenge, and Free Dordle which lets you play as long as you want. Double the challenge but double the fun. If you want to up the difficulty, there’s Quordle where you can solve four words at the same time. And if you truly are a gluten for punishment, try Octordle which is guessing eight words in thirteen tries. Because why just solve one word when you can solve eight right?


Wordle' spin-off 'Primel' will make your head hurt

Admittedly, Wordle is a good way to practice your vocabulary skills. So, why not use these games to test your other skills as well? This is where Primel comes in. In this game, players need to guess a five number prime number. As a refresher, a prime number is a number that can only be divided by one and itself. If you’re looking to test your math skills even further, you can try Nerdle or Mathdle, which both has you solve the equation of the day.


For fans of all things Star Wars, this one is for you. As the name suggests, SWordle is a Star Wars themed take on Wordle. The cool thing about this game is that both canon and legends timelines are used as words in the game. So if your Wookiepedia skills are up to it, try it out. And if you really want to test your Star Wars skills, you can also play the game in Aurebesh mode, where all the letters and numbers are changed to the in-universe writing system. Another Star Wars focused game that you can play is Star Wordle. If you’re looking for other pop culture fandom centric games to try, check out Hogwartle (Harry Potter), and Squirdle (Pokémon).


Taylordle: Wordle For Taylor Swift Fans - Hawkdive.com

BTS isn’t the only musician to have their own Wordle-inspired game. There is also a Taylor Swift centric one, and it’s called Taylordle. Created by Holy Swift Podcast, the game works similarly to Wordle expect that the words you need to guess come from the Swift universe. So, for example, the five letter word you might guess could be snake, album, or lover. While Wordle (Taylor’s Version) would have been a great name for this, we’re still fine with what we’ve got.


Framed is like Wordle but with movie stills to identify | Rock Paper Shotgun

Do you consider yourself a cinephile? Or are you just a casual movie viewer? Regardless of where you stand, you may want to try out Framed. This spin-off requires you to guess the movie in six guesses or less. You are only given a screenshot from the movie and with every wrong guess, you get a new picture to help you out. So put your film knowledge to the test, or maybe use this to find your next favorite movie. Another film-centric game to try is Flickle which is like Framed expect that you guess the movie through clips, not screenshots.


Queerdle is the only good Wordle clone (because it's gay)

Queerdle is basically if Wordle hit the slay button. This LGBTQIA+ version of the popular word game has users guess words that are related to the community. Also, unlike Wordle, the words guessed here range from five to eight letter words. Whether you’re part of the community or an ally, this is a game that will have you going yasss!


Meet "Lewdle," "Worlde" for the Naughty!

Regarded as the adult version of Wordle, Lewdle has you guess words that may be too mature for young audiences. Dig deep into your rolodex of dirty words as you try to guess the word in as little guesses as possible. The cool thing about this game is that when you share your results on Twitter, it actually encourages others to play the original. And if you really want to let your foul mouth fly, then try Sweardle, where the only words you have to guess are four letter cuss words. Considering how the New York Times has started removing words it deems offensive from the original game, you may want to try these out.


Heardle is like Wordle for pop music - The Verge

If you ever hoped for a Wordle-type game but focused only on music, you got your wish with Heardle. In this game, you have to guess the song title and the artists in six tries or less. All you are given though is a snippet of the track. So, if you think you’ve got what it takes, then test out your audiophile ears and see just how many song intros you know. And if you’re looking for a BTS centric take, then check out BTS Heardle. It’s basically the same game but it’s just BTS songs.


Play All Wordle Games Together With New Archive Version: Here's How

Have you only begun playing Wordle just recently? New to the hype? Well have no fear as this game has archived all the past words used in Wordle for users to play through once more. Created by Devang Thakkar, Wordle Archive allows users to guess any past word so new players can catch up while old players can brush up on their skills.

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