5 Reasons Why Precious Paula Nicole Is A Deserving Winner Of Drag Race PH

My precious, delicious, ambitious.

At the end of the day, Precious Paula Nicole fought hard and proved herself worthy of winning Drag Race Philippines.

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It only seemed like yesterday that we got news of Drag Race Philippines officially happening. And now, after months of waiting and weeks of competition, the first batch of twelve queens was whittled down to the top four. In the end, it was Precious Paula Nicole who snatched the crown to be named the Philippines’ first drag superstar. Her road to the win was not easy, especially since she was up against a fierce group of competitors like Marina Summers who made sure Precious worked for that crown. But in the end, PPN did what needed to be done, despite what some may say. Here then are some reasons why Precious Paula Nicole is deserving of the title of Drag Race Philippines season one winner.


If the girls want to talk track record, then Precious’ is giving winner material. Like Marina Summers, PPN was never in the bottom two and only found herself in the danger zone just once. Over the nine challenges, she scored four weeks in a high placement and won one challenge. That challenge so happened to be the Rusical where she demonstrated her winning Regine Velasquez impersonation in front of the OPM icon herself. It’s clear that Precious has talent, honed over years of experience as a drag performer, and showed that off each week. (Fun fact: Precious Paula Nicole is now the first winner in the entire Drag Race franchise to have won the crown and the Rusical in the same season.)


Season one of Drag Race Philippines gave us the drama, and for that we are thankful. But Precious Paula Nicole was rarely, if ever the one to stir the pot. Instead, she was a kind and warm presence during the show, ready to help her fellow queens when they can. You could tell her passion for drag came a place of love and that radiated from how she carried herself throughout the season. Loving yourself was the main point of her Pop Off Ate verse. Having a brand was one of the hot topics of the season and for Precious, it definitely would be to be caring.


When Marina and Precious were about to lip sync for the crown, it was set to be an epic battle. After all, both queens were never in the bottom two so we only saw their lip-sync prowess at the moment. And while Marina is a true powerhouse, Precious did that! From the costume change, wig reveal, dance moves, and emotions, PPN came ready to serve. Even in her first battle with Eva Le Queen, Precious came prepared with that flying eagle gag.

Did Marina deserve more screen time during the final lip sync? Yes. But Precious stood her ground. PPN is an amazing performer and there’s no denying that. With it being a Lip Sync Smackdown For The Crown, Precious did a spectacular job to win that crown. And her final gag of pulling out that black cloth before turning it rainbow colored was such an amazing way to end a lip sync to Gloc-9’s Sirena. It was a powerful moment.


You don’t need to be rich to do drag. But there’s no denying having a healthy budget can help with your looks and material when going on a show like Drag Race. And for Precious Paula Nicole, she came on the show with a tight budget. It was something she opened up about in Untucked where she revealed that she had to borrow money from her sister to pay for her costumes. Her resources were limited yet still, she made sure to turn it out week after week. If the look wasn’t up to par with the others, she made sure her presentation is what sold it. It’s a testament to PPN’s talent that she did what she did despite her lack of funds. But now that her bank account is quite healthy these days, we’re ready to see what Precious will do.


When people describe Precious Paula Nicole as a drag queen with a heart, they mean it. Her story was a lesson of how love is a powerful tool for change. Her relationship with her mother got us teary-eyed while her reunion with her younger brother during the makeover episode had us reaching for a box of tissues. She’s a winner with a golden heart who wants what’s best for people. Precious found her strength in the people she loved, which helped push her to the top.

At the end of the day, whether you are #TeamMarina or #TeamPrecious, what matters is that your faves are currently winning in life. The last thing to do is send hate to the queens for whatever reason. If you want to support the queens, buy their merch, watch their shows, and tip them. We can celebrate PPN’s win and Marina’s amazing run on the show at the same time. It’s not that hard. Both are amazing queens who did so well. Plus, the opportunities coming their way will be life-changing. There’s no room to throw hate because that’s the antithesis of Drag Race. So, log off if you think that sending a mean comment is ok. Instead, go show love to your faves.

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