All The Things We’re Dying To See On ‘Senior High’ Sequel ‘High Street’

All The Things We’re Dying To See On ‘Senior High’ Sequel ‘High Street’

Story's not over yet.

Teen thriller-drama ‘Senior High’ is getting a sequel called ‘High Street’, and we’ve got a wishlist of things we’re hoping to see in the new season.

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The Northford High kids are back on the streets—we mean, screens. Hit teen thriller Senior High is continuing the mystery, drama, and intrigue with a follow-up sequel. Upcoming new season High Street follows the kids and adults of Senior High as they navigate life five years after all the events of the show.

If you need a refresher, basically, Senior High was about Sky Cruz (played by lead star Andrea Brillantes) infiltrating Northford High school and trying to get to the bottom of her twin sister’s death. She gets involved in all the drama and underhanded dealings happening in Northford High, and by extension, the town, and even more scandals are discovered.

A steady success in terms of viewership since its premiere, Senior High ended with a lot of loose ends and introductions to new storylines. Now, viewers can wait assured they’ll be able to find out what happens to the characters and their relationships as they embark on new journeys—for sure marked with new problems to solve, new mysteries to uncover, and new relationships to form or mend. But as we know little yet about the sequel, we’ve rounded up a wishlist of things we’d like to see on upcoming series High Street.


Set five years after Senior High, High Street will show us life after a tumultuous—for lack of a better word—high school experience. All the main cast members save for Kyle Echarri, whose character Obet died last season, are returning, and the time skip gives them some leeway to change things up in major ways. From Sky herself sporting a new hairdo and even more determined than ever to get to the bottom of some new mysteries and exposés, to Roxy’s new life as a mom, there’s plenty of storylines we’d love to see unfold.

We’d also love to see what’s next for Gino (Juan Karlos Labajo), Tim (Zaijan Jaranilla), Poch (Miggy Jimenez), Roxy (Xyriel Manabat), Archie (Elijah Canlas), Z (Daniela Stranner), Kenjie (Tommy Alejandrino), Sanya (Gela Atayde), and the families of theirs that we’ve seen. What have they been up to? How are their relationships? What happened to the Aguerros? What’s everyone doing with their lives five years after all that? How have they dealt with the trauma? What’ll bring them together again? Too many questions, not a lot of answers. Yet.


“Babalikan kita.” Famous last words from one Archie Aguerro. Last season ended with Archie revealing he and his family are moving to the States, as well as with Roxy telling Archie she fell pregnant after sharing a night together. Despite his pleas to let Roxy give him a chance to be there for her and their possible child, and his promises to return to her and care for them, Roxy leaves. Five years later, we learn from a sneak peek of table read, it seems as if Archie fell short of his promise. We’re very much seated for new dynamics and developments between this standout pairing from the show.


Joining the returning cast are young stars AC Bonifacio, Harvey Bautista, and Ralph de Leon as workmates of Sky and Roxy. Dimples Romana and Romnick Sarmenta round out the cast, clearly ready to bring more drama to the series. We’re curious to see how these new actors work with the rest of the cast, and what their characters offer to the storyline.


We know, we know. Obet is very much dead. But it wouldn’t be the first time a show would bring someone back from the dead—there are plenty of ways! Whether as a dream, a passing figment of someone’s imagination, a lookalike, long-lost twin, or a memory, we’d love to see Kyle reunite, even for a short time, with his Senior High family.


@abscbn Masamang damo ka talaga, Gov. Acosta! #SeniorHigh #Kapamilya #ABSCBN #FYP ♬ original sound – ABS-CBN

While Senior High ended with some unresolved conflicts, none are more frustrating than main antagonist Gov. William Acosta waking up from a coma—not dead from his fall from a rooftop, unfortunately. The criminal, assaulter, and all-around villain consumed with revenge not only looks more wicked this time around, but after his last appearance on the series, it’s clear he also still has some loyal followers. Hopefully, in High Street, he finally gets is long-awaited and highly-anticipated comeuppance—a proper and final one, at that.


After the traumatizing events last series, it would be nice to see the characters heal from all that’s happened. Although we know for sure there’s trouble brewing about, from relationship and young co-parenting struggles to big bad villains seeking revenge, High Street could at least give us some light and levity sometimes (TimPoch better be thriving!). Five years is a long time. They could show us how these kids have grown up since high school, and how much they and life itself has changed—for the better, we hope!

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