11 Best Moments and Highlights From Teen Drama 'Senior High'

Senior High-lights: The Most Riveting Moments From The Teen Drama

Say goodbye the Northford way.

‘Senior High’ recently aired its last episode, so let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable highlights from the hit teen drama.

Trigger warning: Given the series’ subject matter, this article will mention sensitive topics such as sexual assault, murder, bullying, and grooming.

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Five months and 105 episodes later, teen mystery-drama Senior High is officially saying goodbye. What started out with a young girl (Andrea Brillantes’ Sky) trying to get to the bottom of her twin sister Luna’s suspicious death and the countless mysteries that fill the halls of Northford Senior High School has ended with some reconciliations, a bit of peace, plenty of new beginnings, but also a whole lot of new questions. Will there be a next chapter? We don’t know, but quite a bit of things are left up in the air after that finale, so hopefully we’ll get some answers.

Senior High has always dedicated itself to presenting the dark underbelly of a high school wrought with every scandal imaginable, from bullying to abuse to drugs. And as the series went on, more and more secrets and criminal activity were brought to light, exposing the harsh reality that the kids of Northford High had been living in.

With its finale episode Graduation on January 19th, the series commemorated all the loss and pain and offers some solace after a tense final act with the main baddie of the show. To celebrate the series’ successful run, let’s journey back and relive the best, most powerful, most riveting, most viral, or most intense moments and highlights from the series. This won’t be spoiler-free for obvious reasons, but you can watch the entire series on iWantTFC.


Tim (Zaijan Jaranilla) coming out to his father after breaking down due to his feelings for both Roxy and Poch and his struggle with himself was a powerful and touching moment that not only wins points for representation, but was treated in a refreshingly heartwarming way. “Anak kita,” Elmo (Gerald Madrid) says. “At kahit ano ka pa, hindi mababawasan ang pagmamahal ko sayo.” Can someone get the tissues?


Even though Tanya (Angel Aquino) and Sky started out ice cold given that Tanya and Luna left Sky and headed to Manila before the events of the pilot, she was still fiercely protective of her children and strived for them to have a better life. Aquino brilliantly showcased her acting chops in the show, often switching from frustrated and grieving to supportive and loving mother seamlessly, portraying Tanya with a fire no doubt inherited by her daughter. Her strength and willingness to protect Sky in this scene brought them that much closer together.


One of the major storylines in the series involves the manipulative, predatory, and pedophilic behavior of Vice Principal Castrodes (Floyd Tena) and—as it was eventually found out—Governor Acosta (Mon Confiado). Sky witnessing Yana (Nour Hashmand) being assaulted by Castrodes led to his exposure and detainment, but Sky soon learned that Acosta was also guilty—if not more of abusing the students of Northford High. But before then, Sky stayed by Yana’s side and helped her through reporting what happened with Castrodes, leading to more victims coming out and showing solidarity for each other.


Can we get these two an Emmy? The breakup that rocked social media featured an emotional confrontation between Tim and Roxy (Xyriel Manabat) as he admits to her that he kissed someone else and that he needed to figure things out for himself first. The two break up, and Tim spends much of his time wracked with guilt, trying to reach out to a hurting, angry Roxy. Things remain tense up until prom, where Roxy sets him free and they both start on a path towards healing.


A polarizing couple, to be sure, but the development of Archie (Elijah Canlas) and Roxy’s relationship is one of the more popular romantic storylines in Senior High. Archie’s change from him being a touchy-feely bully to falling for Roxy and Roxy letting her guard down enough to spend a night with a guy she used to hate culminated in an admittedly not-so-satisfying ending that leaves fans wondering what’ll happen to the pair. Tell us, during their car scene, were you cheering or swearing up a storm?


The headstrong and strong-willed Sky shows everyone she’s not a pushover by publicizing the video of Z (Daniela Stranner) bullying Luna. And even though the parents banded together, offering no satisfying punishment that truly makes Z realize the error of her ways, Sky was a catalyst in making sure Z never felt comfortable in her “reign” again, and even stands up to Z’s entire family and everyone that abuses their power at Northford High.


Nothing’s more riveting than talented young actors having chemistry. Sky and Obet (Kyle Echarri) butted heads early on in the series, but the two grew closer, and showed that they cared about each other, and not just because they shared a relationship with Luna. They went to prom together, and shared a special moment where they kissed for the first time, to the unheard cheers of hundreds of thousands of fans. We can’t say that we didn’t have a feeling that things were about to go wayyy south—especially with that sweet, hopeful, foreshadow-y dialogue by Obet about he wants to feel that happy forever—but at least they found peace, even just for a little while.


Speaking of some peace. Barely major storyline-related, but there’s no denying that SB19’s Justin De Dios’ cameo in the series as Sanya (Gela Atayde)’s date to the prom was a major moment in Senior High, as thousands of viewers waited patiently for the idol to make his acting debut as Jared from P-pop on the series.


Brave, loyal Obet, having been mixed up in the drug business this whole time, dies in a shocking twist by Harry (Baron Geisler)’s hand as he and his brother Tonio (Rap Robes) faced off against the corrupt police chief after Harry finds out Obet knew something about Z’s involvement in Luna’s death.


From Z breaking down and admitting what happened the night of Luna’s death to Gino finding video evidence of Gov. Acosta pushing Luna off that balcony, the revelation of Luna’s true murderer was the highlight of an intense penultimate episode that featured everything from Sky trying to save Z and herself from a rampaging, obsessed Acosta to Harry saving Sky’s life and asking her to forgive him.


With over 200,000 concurrent viewers when it aired on Kapamilya Online Live, it’s safe to say that the public was tuned in for the conclusion to the series. Major spoilers for the finale, but with Gino’s absence at graduation, Archie telling Roxy that he was bound for the States just as Roxy reveals to Archie that she was pregnant, and Gov. Acosta still being alive, there are still some loose ends that the series may or may not address.

Regardless, the Senior High finale allowed the students to mourn all they’ve lost, but also celebrate their graduation, freedom, and letting go of all that happened that year—opening themselves up for a fresh new start.

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