What You Should Know About The Action Megaserye, ‘Mga Lihim Ni Urduja’

Time to discover Urduja's secrets.

GMA’s latest primetime series, Mga Lihim ni Urduja, brings together Gabbi Garcia, Kylie Padilla, and more for a historical action romp.

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We’re only two months into the new year, and already, Philippine entertainment has been firing on all cylinders. So far, ABS-CBN hit us with the one-two punch of Dirty Linen and Batang Quiapo. And as February comes to a close and Maria Clara at Ibarra ends its top-rated run, GMA is gearing up to unleash its first big series of 2023 that’s also set to take over MCI‘s timeslot. It combines Philippine history and mythology with a modern-day setting and some butt-kicking action. Here’s what you need to know about GMA’s first “megaserye” of the year, Mga Lihim ni Urduja.   


This isn’t the first time the story of Urduja was adapted for the screen as there was the 2008 animated film Urduja with Regine Velasquez-Alcasid voicing the titular legend. Mga Lihim ni Urduja though looks to offer a modern-day twist. It centers on two protagonists; Gemma Davino (Kylie Padilla), an uptight rookie cop, and Crystal Posadas-Davino (Gabbi Garcia), a businesswoman and jewelry designer with a spontaneous go-getter attitude. While the two may seem like polar opposites, they are connected in the fact that they are descendants of Hara Urduja, the legendary warrior queen of Pangasinan from the 1300s.

Fate has intertwined Gemma and Crystal together, and they must put aside their differences and work together on Mission Urduja, an operation to retrieve the lost jewels of Urduja’s amulet. Completing such is said to grant the owner one wish. But danger is on the horizon as Gemma and Crystal aren’t the only ones looking for the jewels, so too are a group of bounty hunters named Team Onyx.


GMA didn’t spare any expense in bringing together an A-list cast and the jewels of primetime back on our TV screens. Aside from Gabbi Garcia and Kylie Padilla, Sanya Lopez will also star in the show where she plays the titular Urduja. Other actors joining the trio include Winwyn Marquez, Michelle Dee, Rochelle Pangilinan, Jeric Gonzales, Zoren Legaspi, and Arra San Agustin. Already, the black cat and golden retriever vibes we’re getting from Gemma and Crystal in the trailer are making us excited.  


GMA hit the jackpot when they saw how a well-done story that mixes the old and the new can be a hit with audiences. Mga Lihim ni Urduja is looking to do its take on the formula. The epic tale will span hundreds of years as aside from the modern storyline that follows Gemma and Crystal on the hunt for the jewels, the show will also go back to the past as audiences get to follow the legendary Urduja on her adventures.

As the leader and queen of the Kingdom of Tawalisi, she led an army of strong women ala The Woman King. The show teases that Urduja will be up against an evil force that will try to take her powers from her to use them for their nefarious schemes. It will be interesting to see how the series bridges the gap between Urduja and her modern ancestors.


One thing that Urduja has been putting front and center of its promotions is that it’s going to involve a lot of action. Gabbi, Kylie, Sanya, and the rest of the cast underwent months of training to prepare for the show’s numerous action scenes. Mga Lihim ni Urduja looks to give another dose of action to our weeknights. And let’s not forget how this primetime teleserye is spotlighting badass women in lead-action roles. It’s the kind of representation primetime needs.


Seeing Gabbi Garcia, Kylie Padilla, and Sanya Lopez together again on a teleserye is welcome news to many. But it’s made even better by the fact that the ladies used to star in the 2016 edition of Encantadia. They played Sang’gres with Gabbi playing Alena, Kylie as Amihan, and Sanya taking on Danaya. They kicked butt then, and they’re about to kick butt once more.


Leading this big production is the show’s director, Jorron Lee Monroy, the man behind teleseryes such as Bolera and Artikulo 247. Joining him are co-director Dominic Zapata and associate director Ralf Malabunga. Jojo Nones, meanwhile, will serve as the head writer. You may have seen some of his other shows before as he also helped create First Yaya, First Lady, Agimat ng Agila, and I Left My Heart in Sorsogon. The rest of the writers’ room will be composed of John Roque, Renei Dimla, Patrick Ilagan, and Jai Canete.

Mga Lihim ni Urduja begins airing on GMA this February 27, 8 PM.

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