What is Vertical Contouring, And Why Are People Doing It?

It looks like we've been contouring the *wrong* way.

Thanks to social media, beauty girlies have been introduced to the supposed right way of contouring, vertically.

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As a beauty girlie, you’ll either go all-in with contouring or overdo the blush—there’s nothing in between. I personally prefer contouring, and this technique has consistently been the holy grail of my makeup routine. If you’re like me, you probably still follow the OG beauty gurus on YouTube for Contouring 101. After all, these tutorials instantly enhance your facial features, from defining cheekbones to sculpting jawlines for that snatched lewk.

Basically, contouring can accentuate the depth of your facial features and bone structure, making it the perfect routine for people with round faces. While it’s a go-to technique, according to a new TikTok trend, we’re doing it wrong. Don’t stress though, we’re here to break down the right way with vertical contouring.

What is Vertical Contouring, Exactly?

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The trend started with Mirchelley, dropping some serious contouring for Asian facial features—AKA serving that round face shape with wider appearance. While she didn’t discover the technique, this content creator shared an MUA master class video and tried the vertical contouring herself. Forget the old-school sweep, try this ASAP.

Here’s How To Vertical Contour

@ling.kt VERTICAL CONTOUR?! Which side you prefer? #asianmakeup #verticalcontour #contourhack #makeuphack #promakeupartist #asiantiktok ♬ Lancey or Lancey – Jami

Our entire lives, we’ve been taught to sculpt our faces sideways. But apparently, this technique will only make our faces flatter and wider. Instead of applying the product horizontally, try swiping down from your ears to your jaw and then from your cheeks to your chin. I’ve tried them myself, and it can be overwhelming. But let’s trust the process, shall we?

That said, choose the right products for vertical contouring—something that isn’t too dark, not too light. We’re all about that snatched lewk, not an ashy one.

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