What Are The Kids Wearing On TikTok These Days?

What makes you go woah these days?

With TikTok reigning supreme on social media, fashion inspirations abound, naturally. So, what are the style trends everyone is into? Find out here.


We all know how big of an influence social media has been in the fashion industry, especially TikTok. With the app having over a billion active monthly users from over 150 different countries, it’s no surprise how much this app has affected the world of fashion globally. If you pay attention closely, you will notice how different brands and personalities are working to gain credence and character on the dynamic social media app, which in turn informs and inspires its users.

A convergence of unique styles and personalities, this is the space where not only dance challenges, laught out loud skits, and viral trends are made, but also a filter where fashion know-how is distilled for everyone to enjoy and eventually incorporate into their own point-of-view. And while we all have our own unique styles and personalities, there are a few staple pieces that we can all deem necessary in one’s wardrobe in today’s fashion trends.

With the power and easy access of social media these days, the younger generations have been sharing tips and knowledge to each other when it comes to fashion, especially on TikTok. Where you get your clothes or what brand you wear these days don’t matter as much, instead we focus on the looks we’ve created, the embrace of wild patterns and colors, the comfort and confidence we get in our outfits to be able to express ourselves through fashion. 

Unlike other more curated and conscious platforms, TikTok is much more approachable, even more so it’s fashion. Look, if it’s all over the For You Page on TikTok or on the list of people you follow, then it’s not only worth admiring, but trying it out for yourself. Fashion is supposed to be fun, much like the videos we spend so much time watching. So, go ahead and explore whatever style suits you best as seen on your favorite TikTok stars. Who knows, maybe next time it is you who will make people go woah.

Yes, Pants Are Still A Thing

A go-to pair of jeans or pants is always a must—and we are talking beyond just that of the popular sweats. Whether it be a classic pair of denim mom jeans, cargo pants, good ‘ol khakis, or even the latest trendy patchwork trousers, all these can be your best friend to any outfit. Just take a look at some of Avanis’ unique take on the pairs. 


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Sweater Weather

A trending couple on our feeds that we can’t help but swoon over, Beth Colley and Alfie Collins-Smith’s love for crewnecks can be seen in a lot of their trending and aesthetic videos. Even though it isn’t “sweater weather” all year round, a crewneck sweater is an easy piece to pair with to add comfort to your look. 


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Ready, Set, Game

Tennis skirts aren’t only seen on athletes these days, essentially becoming a must in every girls closet these days. Just take a look at Pinterest icon, Luiza Cordery, who’s stylish wardrobe has become an inspiration to millions. With it’s simplicity, femininity, and ease, you could never go wrong with a classic tennis skirt—even if you don’t really play the sport.


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Color Me Good

Colorful and oversized graphic tees have also been the rage lately, and could be seen in some of TikToks most influential creators such as Chase Hudson. You could pair your graphic tee with a comfy pair of sweatpants or a pair shorts for a laidback look, or paired with some denim jeans or cargo pants for that edgy, street-ready vibe. 


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It’s All In The Sole

Let’s be real, shoes add that extra something to your outfit—even if much of our movement is limited these days. A most lucrative and creative aspect of modern-day fashion, sneakers have been all over the internet such as the Air Jordan 1s, Nike Airforce 1s, and some classic pairs of Converse to name a few. These shoes have been a staple across generations, with the Jordans and Converse brands having a large variety of colorways and personalized styles one may add to their wardrobe. Needless to say, it is all sorts of cool, and stepping into these pairs will surely add more kick to your vibe and game. For a TikTok reference, one of the most fashionable influencer, Wisdom Kaye, shows us different ways we could style a pair of Jordan 1s.


4 simple ways to style one of the most versatile sneakers out 🙂

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