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Wendy’s Gucci Cape On Queendom Is Worth 963 Boxes of Red Velvet Cupcakes

Welp, that's a pretty expensive cape.

Wendy’s Gucci cape on Red Velvet’s Queendom MV? To no surprise, it’s expensive AF, and it actually costs 963 boxes of red velvet cupcakes IRL.

All hail Red Velvet! It’s no secret that one of K-Pop’s best girl groups has been slaying their comeback era. This time, the slayage doesn’t stop with their newest album and MV, Queendom. (From Psycho to being queens, real quick!) Letting us into this brand new royal era, their first MV was definitely a visual treat both musically, the show-stopping beauty looks and of course, the fashion. Bring out the Gucci, the Prada, the Vivienne Westwood, and the Saint Laurent for the queens!

gucci cape wendy red velvet

Case in point, Wendy’s Gucci wool cape on the Queendom MV. Anything with the Gucci logo comes with quite the price tag, so it wasn’t a surprise that the cape actually costs $2,890 or approximately P146,390.93 on luxury fashion site, Farfetch. We know, Wendy’s always had expensive tastes. Call us crazy, but that’s enough to buy 963 boxes of red velvet cupcakes IRL. A cupcake costs about $3 individually, so multiply that by 963 orders, and that’s the combined price tag of Wendy’s Gucci wool cape on Queendom’s MV. Welp, Red Velvet’s main vocalist is pretty sweet and spicy after all.

See Wendy’s Gucci cape in action in Queendom by Red Velvet below:

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