14 Valentines Day Nails 2024

14 Valentine’s Day Manicure Moments That Will Give You Heart Eyes

I'm in love!

Whether you’re preparing for a date or you’re treating yourself this Valentine’s Day, fall in love with these nail designs— we’re talking rosy reds to pretty pinks.

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After a January that dragged on like a never-ending Monday meeting, it’s finally February — hello, heart’s season! Sure, some might feel like it’s just another run-of-the-mill Wednesday, but why not cannonball into the pool of love that’s swirling in the air? After all, Cupid’s arrows don’t discriminate – this month-long celebration can also be for your besties and even some self-love moments!

So, whether you’re prepping for a romantic getaway, rallying for a night out, or simply treating yourself to a salon appointment, scroll through these 14 Valentine’s Day designs that will undeniably give you heart eyes. Love is all around, and who knows, that manicure moment might be the unexpected soulmate you’ve been searching for.

A Classic Choice

Get ready to turn heads and break hearts with a red manicure moment—a classic choice that never goes out of style. Picture this: your nails painted in the sassiest shade of red, sporting a slightly pointed shape because who said nails can’t have a little attitude?

Baby Blue & Coquette

Let’s flip the script with a flirtatious twist this season, diving into a dreamy baby-blue palette. Picture a delicate base and playful patterns dancing on your nails—your fingertips are about to steal the spotlight and become the absolute showstoppers at the love-themed party.

Calling for Chrome

If you can’t go full coquette, call for a chrome moment. Whether it’s a mermaid manicure or a glazed donut look, this shimmery sheen is a fail-proof design. Regardless of the base color, there are a few ways to customize the set to match the V-Day vibes. How about adding some little rhinestones or pretty pearls?

Cherry Bomb

Ready to detonate the love bomb? This cherry core design brings the explosive energy of red right to your fingertips. Whether you’re going full-on fruity or opting for a cherry accent, get ready to hit the sweet spot wherever you go!

Feeling Feminine

Valentine’s Day nails don’t have to be layered in hearts to look like they’ve been struck by St. Valentine himself—just look at these pretty pink manicure. We don’t know about you, but I think we’re all about feeling feminine recently.

Fly Back with Jet Black

If rosy reds feel a bit too ‘been there, done that,’ it’s time to paint the town black with a glossy manicure moment. Drive into the daring side of nail art and let your fingertips rock this stunning shade. Whether you’re doodling hearts or channeling your inner Picasso with creative accents, the nail salon is the limit.

Museum Date

Become the curator of your own love story with a manicure inspired by museum dates. Channel famous paintings onto your nails – think tiny, intricate reproductions that turn your fingertips into an art gallery.

Paper Hearts

If you think paper hearts have been overused for Valentine’s Day, cut-outs are OTW to viral status. Now, there’s no better time to embrace a Valentine’s version of this trend by carving hearts and adding touches of white.

Heartfelt Frenchies

Give the classic French manicure a romantic twist by adding tiny hearts stealing the spotlight on those tips! It’s like Cupid’s calling card, adding a dash of sweetness to a classic style.

Pastel Color Palette

When Valentine’s Day is no longer reserved for couples, there’s also no need to stick with the same shades of whites, reds, and pretty pinks to feel the love. If these aren’t your power colors, don’t stress—try a pastel palette instead. After all, this season is all about the dreamiest affairs.

Red Ribbon

Whether it’s an added 3D detail or delicately drawn by your artist, wrap your nails in love with a red ribbon design. Because, let’s be honest, nothing screams ‘treat yourself’ like a present-inspired manicure moment.

SML for Comme De Garçon

Because your nails deserve a front-row seat, let them steal the show with the classic hearts of Comme Des Garçons. Strut your stuff, and watch as a touch of creativity collides with high fashion, creating a statement set that’s bound to turn heads!

Velvety Valentine

Indulge in the purr-fect touch of velvet for Valentine’s Day. Made with cat-eye polish, this magnetic look may cause some serious nail-envy among your friend circle.


Seal your new nails with kisses! Complemented by a Valentine’s Day color palette, XOXO nails are the love letters you’ve been waiting for. Who needs Cupid when your nails are already spreading the love—one stylish stroke at a time?

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