We Asked Nail Artists What You Should and Shouldn’t Do During Your Appointment

Nail etiquette 101 💅.

While the clients are ‘always right’, it’s a common courtesy to consider your nail technician’s comfort too.

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Stepping into a nail salon isn’t just about snagging an appointment – it’s your moment to indulge in some self-care while letting your manicure do the talking. Now, we know you’re the star of the show, but let’s also consider your nail technician’s comfort throughout the session.

With that in mind, we reached out to some seasoned nail artists to spill the tea on what’s cool and what’s, well, not so much during your time in the hot seat. Whether you’re a ride-or-die regular or a nail newbie, we’ve got the 411 to help you make the absolute most of your salon sesh.


Ask Away

Your nail tech is there to turn your Pinterest board into reality, but they’re technicians and artists for a reason. Don’t hesitate to ask about nail care, new nail trends, or even the products they’re using. If you’re not into awkward sessions, engaging in a conversation can enhance your experience too!

For Nails by Beryl, small talks are life savers. Some clients are about unwinding and relaxing, but then there’s a bunch who get a bit jittery when it’s just the two of you in the nail room. Nail techs usually don’t share the same nerves, so why not break the ice with some easy small talk? 

Clean Slate, Clean Nails

If your nail appointment doesn’t include deep cleaning or polish removal, arriving with clean nails provides a blank canvas for your nail tech to work their magic. According to 888 Nail Studio MNL, this not only streamlines the process, saving precious time, but it guarantees that your new nail design will be nothing short of ‘giving.’ 

Properly Place Your Hands Inside the Lamp

Picture-perfect nails require finesse when it comes to correctly curing and placing your hands inside the UV lamp. Position your hands comfortably, ensuring each nail receives an equal amount of UV exposure for a flawless finish. This simple technique not only speeds up the drying process but also guarantees a long-lasting manicure moment.

Here’s a tip from Claws by Tenshi: depending on the UV lamp, either wait for the 60-second timer to finish or simply keep those hands under the light until it turns off. Easy peasy!

Show Some Love

While tipping isn’t always mandatory, nail artists appreciate gratitude as much as anyone. After the appointment, a simple ‘thank you’ or a compliment goes a long way. And while they’re snapping photos of your nails for their Instagram feed, you can also show support by posting your new nails on socials media. 

A small reminder from Mieux Nails: Treat the place and your nail tech with kindness. After all, they’re human too!

Sit Still

An appointment typically takes hours, and it can get a bit boring. However, this doesn’t mean you should start moving around. It’s important to recognize that doing nails is a time-consuming process, and your patience is greatly appreciated.

At Iko Nails, the golden rule is: sit still. Working on this mini canvas (aka your nails) isn’t a stroll in the park, and too much movement seriously puts a dent in your nail technician’s control. It’s all about creating that perfect harmony – giving them the space and comfort they need to work wonders on a pint-sized masterpiece.

Time is Money, Honey

All nail technicians and artists have this rule: Respect your nail tech’s time and schedule. Arrive on time and be mindful of the allotted time for your appointment.

Running late or facing a last-minute cancellation? Nail artists like Raise Your Nails by Joanne usually get it, just keep the lines of communication open. On the flip side, most nail technicians play it strict since it can throw off their entire workday. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between understanding and keeping things ticking like clockwork.


Don’t DIY Your Nail Removal

Unless your previous nails naturally fall, don’t DIY nail removal. Resist the temptation to go solo – your nails crave the TLC that only a skilled technician can offer. DIY attempts? More often than not, they result in uneven surfaces, damage, and a good dose of frustration.

In the words of Nail Slay, trying to save time and spare your nail technician isn’t the best move. Too many things can go wrong when you DIY nail removal, so why not leave the work to the professionals? They’ve got the expertise to ensure everything turns out perfectly polished, sparing you from potential mishaps.

Micromanager Alert

Having personal preferences is great, but being the nail tech’s shadow—micromanaging every step, peering at your nails mid-process, and prying—puts a damper on the creative flow. Trust in their expertise, and you’ll likely dance out of there with nails that steal the show. Long story short, trust the process.

For Nails by Lyka, if you’re getting cold feet, chat with your nail artist about any last-minute (minimal) changes. It’s better for them to know in advance rather than dealing with alterations when you’re mid-cure or, worse, almost done with the design.

No Phones, Please

Ensuring that flawless finish? Your nail tech counts on having steady hands, and constant phone fiddling disrupts their creative flow. Switch your phone to silent mode and immerse yourself in that well-deserved self-care session. 

Another tip? According to Ash Luxe Nails, steer clear of snacking, chill on the fidgeting, and definitely skip the nail-surface scratching while getting your nails done. In general, it helps your nail techs do their thing and deliver top-notch service.

Post-Appointment Amnesia

When your nail tech drops those aftercare pamphlets, pay attention and play by their rules for nails that stand the test of time. Skipping out on these tips might ruin your manicure moment.

888 Nail Studio MNL’s advice: Save water, we’re not into wet nails. After your appointment, be cautious with water exposure. Given that water and dishwashing liquid are the two main ingredients in nail removal, avoid activities like doing dishes after leaving the salon session.

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