6 Times 'Under Parallel Skies' Stars Win Metawin and Janella Salvador Were Giving Supportive Besties

6 Times ‘Under Parallel Skies’ Stars Win Metawin and Janella Salvador Were Giving Supportive Besties

Colleagues-turned-BFFs FTW.

‘Under Parallel Skies’ co-stars Win Metawin and Janella Salvador keep showing us that they clicked on-screen and off in some funny and sweet ways.

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Win Metawin and Janella Salvador are icons in their own right, and they recently came together in a joint slay as they starred opposite one another in romance-drama film Under Parallel Skies (2024). The movie is an international crossover production that brings the Filipino and Thai actors to the streets of Hong Kong to tell a story of love, differences, and change. Win portrays the spoiled, wealthy bachelor Parin across Janella’s charming and hardworking hotelier Iris. The two different individuals cross paths, and you can probably guess what happens next.

Outside the film, Win and Janella have shown that they’ve grown to be pretty close after working on it. “We worked smoothly,” Janella mentioned in an interview. From teaching each other bits and pieces of Thai and Filipino vernacular to openly laughing and joking around during their promo tour, the two stars have shared moments of a pure, fun, and sweet friendship that grew out of a project. Check out some of those moments below.


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You know how, often, the first things Pinoys teach their new foreign acquaintances or friends are how to swear in Filipino? Or, similarly, how we teach them words that don’t have easy translations, like kilig? Under Parallel Skies has Win’s Parin learning “p********a mo” from Janella’s Iris, and things offscreen has never been the same since. The two co-stars have also taught each other more Thai and Filipino words during their time working together. Language barriers have nothing on true friendships.


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Sometimes the best parts to watch about a blossoming relationship onscreen are the ones that aren’t scripted or were total accidents. For instance, Richard Gere snapping Julia Roberts’ hand in a jewelry box and her laugh in Pretty Woman (1990), or Noah Centineo’s pocket spin in To All The Boys I Loved Before (2018) that made it to the screen after he improvised it in rehearsal. In WinElla’s case, in a scene where Iris feeds Parin pork buns, she accidentally let him eat the paper wrapping as well. This little oopsie making it to the final cut is a show of some genuine fun between two colleagues-turned-supportive friends.


Listen, we get it Janella. It really is so much easier to forget to reply to friends you already vibe with. “I have to apologize,” Janella admitted in an interview. Apparently, the actress and singer previously messaged Win that when he arrives in the Philippines, he should message her so she could take him around. And he did! But… Janella forgot to reply until the actor had already left. Bad replier representation. Thankfully, though, the two were able to spend some time together during their promo tour.


One thing both Janella and Win refuse to do: not slay—in everything they do. Their acting skills are well-known and well-loved, and they’ve got dedicated fanbases that support them. So, when they came together to work on Under Parallel Skies, it was bound to be an epic joint slay. But we’d love to highlight just how good WinElla looks together! All of their matching promo outfits, whether a simple, striking suit or a chic black-and-white dress, have been peak sophistication. A couple of well-dressed icons wherever they went.


Working on a movie is hard work, for sure. From filming to the premiere, table reads to press tours, doing so much on the daily with your co-star could take a toll. Even the simple act of watching something you yourself worked hard on could be an emotional experience, so it’s nice to see that Win and Janella are generally supportive of each other, compliment each other, and offer comfort and camaraderie, whether its praising each other under Instagram posts or offering a comforting hand during their schedules. So sweet!


You can tell the two co-stars have built a sweet rapport together. Just watch them joke and mess around during their premieres and media conferences. You can see how comfortable they’ve grown around each other as they worked on Under Parallel Skies, bringing their chemistry both on-screen and off, and we’re all very much grateful for it. It can’t be easy taking on an ambitious, multicultural story, but they did it, they slayed it, and they’re having fun enjoying the fruit of their labor together.

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