Filipino-Coded Moments of Win Metawin

Baka Pinoy Yan: 5 Filipino-Coded Moments Of Win Metawin 

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 He’s Thai, but brace yourself for five moments where Win gave full-on Pinoy vibes.

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Dive into the world of Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, the 24-year-old heartthrob rocking it as Win Metawin. Whether you caught him in the reimagined classics like F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers or the Thai BL sensation 2gether: The Movie, Win has become our go-to guy for feels — and we can all agree that he’s three things: an actor, a model, and a whole mood!

Throwback to 2023 in Manila — Win’s first fanmeet was basically a mic-drop moment. Now, he’s set for a perfect pairing with Janella Salvador in the upcoming film Under Parallel Skies. But wait, are there more of Win’s Pinoy connections?

From the silver screen to off-camera cameos, Win Metawin featured some serious Pinoy-coded moments, and we’ve rounded up the deets, making Win win the hearts of every Filipino fan.

BrightWin Getting a Perfect Score on Basic Tagalog Test

ICYMI, Bright (Vachirawit Chivaaree) and Win, the dynamic duo from the beloved BL 2gether: The Movie, are making hearts flutter worldwide with their unbeatable on-screen chemistry. These two stars portray college students working through the unpredictable twists and turns of love, all stemming from a cleverly concocted fake relationship.

BrightWin Tagalog Challenge

BrightWin + Tagalog = WAY too cute! See how well do they know Tagalog words!❤️ #Still2GetherPHFinale tonight (10:30PM-Filipino dubbed; 11:30PM- Original language with English subtitles) on iWant!

Posted by Dreamscape Entertainment on Thursday, September 10, 2020

Now, if you thought the fan service ended there, think again. In a video dropped by Dreamscape Entertainment on September 11, the Thai heartthrobs took on the challenge of decoding Pinoy phrases. From mahal kita (I love you) to miss na kita (I miss you), and kinagagalak kong makilala ka (it was nice to meet you), #BrightWin didn’t disappoint.

The result? A perfect score! These two are not just winning hearts on-screen; they’re mastering Tagalog like locals.

‘Gusto ko ng…’

@theoppaislife “Gusto ko ng jowa.” – Win #Reach4TheStars #brightvachirawit #winmetawin #dewjirawat #nanihirunkit #fyp #Shootingstarmanila ♬ original sound – TheOppaIsLife

Ever caught your friends constantly chanting ‘gusto ko ng jowa…’? Turns out, Win is vibing with that energy too! At a lit Globe event in 2022, fans were hit with kilig feels when the host candidly got the actor to spill the most relatable Pinoy phrase that translates to ‘I want a boyfriend/girlfriend.’ Yep, it slipped right out of Win’s mouth, and the fandom went wild!

Matchy Matchy with Albatross

Filipinos have mastered the art of crafting the most amusing memes, and Win wasn’t exempt from some good-natured banter. A Twitter thread showcased a fan’s genius move – a compilation of Win’s OOTDs hilariously mirroring the colors or patterns of Albatross. And no, we’re not talking about the bird, but the bathroom deodorizer. The internet truly knows how to find humor in the most random places.

On Working with Filipina Actresses

Filipina fan-favorite actress Janella Salvador is set to grace the silver screen again, and this time, she’s bringing the heat alongside Thai heartthrob Win Metawin. The movie, set against the backdrop of Hong Kong, unfolds the tale of a man wrestling with a painful past. As he slowly strives to move ahead, a revelation connects the woman in his life to that very history. Yes, you heard it right—Under Parallel Skies is one of those upcoming films that has everyone on the edge of their seats.

Beyond the buzz of this promising pairing between Janella and Win, the excitement doesn’t stop there. The actor, basking in the glow of his first solo fan meeting in the country last June, dropped a bombshell: he dreams of collaborating with the Multimedia Superstar Anne Curtis, if the stars align. Now, that’s a cinematic couple we’re all eagerly anticipating! 

Pinoy-Coded Crossover

Curious about the dynamic duo that Anne Curtis and Win Metawin would make? Well, we’ve got the sneak peek you’ve been searching for. These two collided in a glamorous encounter at a Tiffany & Co. event in New York last year, capturing the moment in some fabulous selfies.

The best part about this Pinoy-coded crossover? None other than the ever-stylish Heart Evangelista was there too, completing the picture-perfect trio.

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