7 Twitter Bots To Rev Up Your Tweeting Game

Your Twitter game's just got better.

From customized screenshots of entire threads to your personal clapback generator, here are the helpful (and not harmful) Twitter bots you didn’t know you needed.

When you hear the term “Twitter bots,” what comes to mind? Perhaps thoughts of spam, fake news, and automated trolling? It’s no wonder that skepticism and doubt surround these digital entities given the prevalence of nefarious activities carried out by bots on social media platforms. In fact, Twitter itself acknowledges the need to combat automated or spam accounts, detecting approximately 25 million such accounts per month. However, amid this landscape of doubt and suspicion, it is crucial to recognize that not all Twitter bots are bad. Some of them, as even Twitter recognizes, “do good things” and can serve as useful and helpful tools for users.

These bots can enhance your Twitter experience by providing unique services, solving everyday problems, and adding a touch of convenience and amusement. They can simplify your Twitter experience, provide valuable insights, and even unravel the mysteries of obscure tweets. So, while caution is still warranted, it’s worth keeping an open mind and exploring the many ways in which bots can make your experience better and, well, more fun. From a bot that creates customized screenshots of threads for you to one that explains what on earth is that tweet about, here are the Twitter bots you didn’t know you needed.

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Twitter bots @ExplainThisBob

Ever been so deep in the grind or studies that you straight-up missed all the tea on the Twitterverse? Fret not because Bob’s got your back! Whether it’s cryptic memes that make you go “huh?” to the hottest scoop on that K-pop crew you’ve been sleeping on, or the juiciest celeb break-ups you’ve been missing out on, just give a shoutout to @ExplainthisBob, and he’ll keep you in the loop.


Twitter bots @ReplyGPT

When you’re too drained to come up with a killer comeback for that racist a-hole, let this AI-powered roast machine do the work for you. It’s your personal go-to weapon for shutting down ignorance and leaving them speechless. Trust us when we say this clapback generator will never disappoint.


Twitter bots @colorize_bot

Got an old-school black and white pic that needs a pop of color? Don’t sweat it, just hit up @colorize_bot on Twitter. This awesome bot taps into a massive database and employs the magic of artificial intelligence to give your photos a dazzling burst of color. The results? Mind-blowing. And here’s the deal: the bot’s totally free to use, but if you’re feeling generous, drop a donation to keep this colorful wizard running smoothly.


Twitter bots @SaveVidBot

Probably one of the most convenient Twitter bots out there that can be your ultimate life hack is @SaveVidBot. And as its name suggests, if you’re itching to keep that hilarious video or epic fanmade edit for eternity, all you have to do is throw a tag at this free-to-use wonder, and boom! Consider it locked and loaded, ready for your viewing pleasure whenever you please. No more stressing about losing that precious content or hunting it down like a wild goose chase.


Twitter bots @poet_this

Looking for a Twitter bot that’ll take your screenshots to the next level? Look no further than @poet_this. Also called “Beautify This,” this bot goes even further than similar ones out there and offers you some customization tools that will, well, beautify your screenshots. You want a thread to be captured in a blue background and without those pesky Twitter impressions, just tag @poet_this, follow the easy instructions through this link, and watch the magic unfold as your screenshots become a work of art!


Twitter bots @threadreaderapp

Long tweet threads got you feeling like you’re lost in a maze? Fear not because @threadreaderapp is here to save the day. This bot simplifies the complexity of threads, making it a breeze to follow those longer stories and engage in discussions. Just tag @threadreaderapp, and let it work its thread-unraveling magic, giving you a much seamless tweet-reading experience.


We all know about the nifty Bookmark feature, but what happens when your bookmark list hits triple digits and finding that one hilarious meme feels like an impossibility? Well, say goodbye to the hassle with @bookmark_plus! This Twitter bot makes bookmarking so much easy and hassle-free by allowing you to DM the tweet to @bookmark_plus and easily search for it later. No more chaotic bookmark lists, just pure convenience. Trust us, your future self will thank you for using this. 

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