Turn Up The Holiday Feels With The 2022 Christmas Station IDs

Christmas bangers incoming.

You know Christmas is almost here when ABS-CBN, GMA-7, and TV5 drop their highly anticipated Christmas station IDs.

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Christmas is filled with traditions. Hanging the parol, Noche Buena, and Christmas caroling are just some holiday traditions many Filipinos look forward to this festive season. And when it comes to holiday traditions in the country, one special event is the arrival of the Christmas station IDs. What initially started as simple videos to help you identify what channel has now become a staple of Filipino Christmas.

The past decade has helped turn these videos into anticipated events as the major networks and their stars prepare their special songs to help color the Christmas season. This 2022 is no exception with these holiday tracks as all three major local networks are finally out with their station IDs that look to set the stage for what kind of Christmas Filipinos want to have this year. Let’s take a look at their Christmas station IDs and the holiday vibes they give off.


With a track that’s over six minutes long and an accompanying video that’s the length of a short movie, ABS-CBN’s Christmas offering, Tayo Ang Ligaya Ng Isa’t Isa, is the longest among the big three. The network uses the length to highlight an important cause. Charo Santos-Concio kicks things off with her iconic narration before the upbeat tune begins.

This year, ABS-CBN wants to celebrate the joy we find in each other. And to that end, they devote most of the music video’s time to highlighting local heroes like emergency rescuers and other special individuals. Tayo Ang Ligaya Ng Isa’t Isa teaches us that we don’t need to be someone big or special to bring happiness to someone’s life, which is a lesson we all can take to heart.


The past two years have forced many families to spend Christmas away from each other. But 2022 saw the world open up more, which means more families and friends can enjoy each other’s company once more. That’s what GMA-7’s 2022 Christmas offering, Love is Us, is all about. The track and accompanying video implore us to enjoy the feeling of Christmas together with loved ones, as seen in the numerous shots of Kapuso stars mingling with fans and each other.

After all, the spirit of Christmas is all about finding that joy in our tribe, whether that be your family, friends, or what have you. There really is nothing like spending Christmas with the people you love, and that is what this song captures.  


TV5’s 2022 effort is quite cute. Sama-Samang Ihatid ang Ibang Saya ng Pasko combines the best of the network and ABS-CBN to showcase what they have to offer to Filipino viewers as well as the new viewing landscape they operate in. The track is extra charming with an equally wholesome music video.

The storyline revolves around a delivery driver giving gifts to different households as he, and as the song’s name suggests, gives them the kind of happiness that can only be felt on Christmas. We also love the inclusive nature of the plot such as including a same-sex couple as one of the people the driver visits. Truly, Christmas is for everyone.

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