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How To Treat Your Hair The Way It Deserves To Be Treated—No Matter Your Hair Type

You and your hair against the world.

Are you doing enough for your hair? Read below to find out how you can address specific hair issues and treat your hair with the TLC it deserves.

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All this heat and changing weather is doing is making our hair drier and more damaged—and we’re sure you noticed. The climate, heat, cold, and wind don’t just ruin a blowout. They can also dry out your scalp and your hair strands, damaging your hair even more. And no one wants a dry, flaky, scalp and damaged hair with a thousand flyaways. Since we treat our skin so well, why don’t we treat our hair the same way?

Many of us struggle with hair issues. Dandruff, frizzy hair, a dry, itchy, or oily scalp, flat hair—you name it, and people suffer from it. And while sometimes we can brush these issues off as minor aesthetic inconveniences, they can still remain in the back of our minds literally the entire day.

Whether your hair is dry, oily, flaky, damaged, or freshly colored—or even if it’s perfectly healthy—you’ll still need to take care of it so it doesn’t just look good, but it’s as healthy as the rest of you. Your hair needs moisture, too! So when beauty brand QUICKFX launched Versus, a haircare brand with hair products that are formulated with skincare ingredients, they intended to ensure you can treat your hair with all the tender, loving care it deserves. So which hair problem are you taking care of today?


hair haircare quickfx versus conditioner

Make that dye job last longer and minimize damage with Versus’ Brass line of purple shampoo and conditioner designed for colored hair. Purple shampoo and conditioner are well-known to tone and maintain light-colored hair, especially blonde, so that it doesn’t look yellow or brassy—just rich, light blonde or platinum. Since colored hair needs some more TLC than usual, the purple shampoo and conditioner maintains the color treatment of lightened hair like blonde, silver, platinum, or hair with dyed highlights. Each bottle of shampoo or conditioner costs PHP 249.

hair haircare quickfx versus conditioner


hair haircare quickfx versus shampoo dandruff

Nothing more annoying than The Itch and the dandruff flakes it comes with. The Versus Dandruff Shampoo with Conditioner (PHP 349) promises to treat the dryness, itchiness, and flakiness that so many of us suffer from. Shampoo and conditioner combos often get a bad rep, but it’s pretty handy when you’re in a rush or simply just not the type of person to have a whole bunch of beauty products. It cleans and moisturizes all at once, so win-win.

hair haircare quickfx versus conditioner

After a wash, massage the Versus Dandruff Milky Scalp Serum (PHP 299) on your scalp to give an extra soothing boost to your hair. If you’ve got dandruff that annoyingly gets everywhere, this serum promises to prevent it and address the problem right at the root. Add this serum to your collection to match the serums you have for your skin to ensure you’re all nourished and moisturized.


hair haircare quickfx versus conditioner hair treatment

Do you ever get wake up, feel the outside temperature, and just know your hair’s going to be annoyingly frizzy all day? Frizzy hair is commonly associated with humidity, overuse of heated styling products, and dryness. Some people do have naturally frizzy hair, but with any kind of hair, it just takes a bit of care to make it look as best as it could. So don’t refuse to go out just yet—try the Versus Frizz Hair Serum (PHP 199) to hydrate and smoothen your hair, making for a soft, silky ‘do.

hair haircare quickfx versus conditioner

Noticing a lot of breakage? Feeling like your hair’s not as smooth as it could be? If you’ve ever been at a salon, you know how keratin treatments can help tame your hair and make it look even smoother and shinier. Well, you don’t need to go to the salon for a keratin treatment, as at-home keratin-infused haircare products have been available on the market for a while now. A dose of Versus’ Damage Keratin Treatment (PHP 199) all over your hair can help repair any damage your hair is suffering from anything like heat or bleaching.

hair haircare quickfx versus conditionerhair haircare quickfx versus hair treatment

If you’ve always wanted to try the ever-so-trendy and sleek slicked-back bun or ponytail as a hairstyle but never had the confidence to because of those pesky flyaways, the Versus Fly-Aways Baby Hair Fixer (Php 149) with coconut extract will be your next best friend. Just swipe it a few times over your hair and you’re ready for a day at work or a night out.

Get the Versus haircare line at Watsons stores and online, Lazada, Shopee, TikTok Shop. Follow @versushaircare on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook for more info!

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