Unveiling Radiance: A Look Back At QUICKFX’s Dazzling Glass Glow Serum Lotions Launch On A Luminous Night

Bright 'em up!

Skincare isn’t limited to your face, meaning your body needs skin loving moisturizers too!

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Amidst the abundance of skincare products on shelves, the saying ‘beauty is skin deep’ holds a significant truth. While facial care often steals the spotlight, the importance of a complete body skincare routine is frequently overlooked. Enter QUICKFX, an emerging presence in innovative beauty solutions. Recently, the brand introduced a bright addition to its collection – the Glass Glow Serum Lotions, marking a profound step in its commitment to holistic skincare. And they did so in the best way possible, through their Glow All Night event in Poblacion.

To say the least, it wasn’t just your average Poblacion party and product debut; it was a complete celebration of good company, good food, and glowing skin. Renowned for its versatility and affordability in facial skincare, QUICKFX has now ventured into body care. The best part is that the beauty brand promises the same excellence in delivering skincare solutions. Are you ready to enhance your skincare stash? Here’s a glimpse of the luminous night scene at the launch of QUICKFX Glass Glow Serum Lotion line.

All Fun at Fun Roof

What a way to ring in local innovation than throwing a rocking party in Poblacion, right? Picture this: the scene was set atop the Fun Roof, an evening bursting with lively games and luminous skin at every turn. Amidst the energetic atmosphere, the event showcased arcade games, mini-golf, and an array of engaging activities. This skin-loving launch brought together a spirited gathering of beauty content creators and avid skincare enthusiasts, fostering a camaraderie that blended beauty appreciation with a dash of friendly competition.

Bright ‘Em Up

It was indeed a lively night when the QUICKFX Glass Glow Lotion line was launched, marking its vibrant beginning with a warm welcome from QUICKFX Senior Category Manager, Sasha Chua. As LED lights streamed through the rooftop bar, beauty content creators indulged in not only the fun-filled ambiance and funky drinks but also the experience of radiant skin.

QUICKFX, recognized for its dedication to accessible and affordable skincare, took the spotlight to share the captivating story behind their latest line. According to the team, “Everyone deserves a radiant, glass-like skin from head to toe. We crafted the Glass Glow Serum Lotion in Glass Skin Bright to offer a lightweight, non-sticky, and hydrating glass-like glow to the skin.”

The beauty brand’s commitment to thoughtfully curating products with skin-loving ingredients such as glutathione, niacinamide, and tangerine extracts speaks volumes. Like the handcrafted drinks at Fun Roof, it’s an ideal combination for a bright evening.

We’re Winning and Glowing

The recent event sparkled with camaraderie and a touch of competitive spirit, marking an extraordinary moment during the festivities: the recognition of attendees exuding the essence of glass glow skin. Elle Lim and Jeremy Peter were bestowed with the esteemed ‘Glow of the Night’ honor, their luminous skin shimmering in the event’s ambiance, encapsulating the true essence of the gathering. Their radiant appearance not only reflected the event’s spirit but also served as a testament to the allure inspired by QUICKFX’s Glass Glow Lotion line.

A Vibrant Verdict

As the luminous night draws to a close, the afterglow continues with QUICKFX’s Glass Glow Serum Lotions. Within this radiant line, two standouts, Glass Skin Bright and Flawless Bright, beckon us into their world of glowing goodness.

And in case you’re wondering, we tried and tested the skincare line. Here’s what we think.

Bright ‘Em Up Glass Glow Serum Lotion Flawless Bright

Upon trying QUICKFX’s Flawless Bright lotion, we were impressed by its effectiveness for specific skin concerns. What immediately caught our attention was its pro-retinol formula, which sets it apart from regular retinol products. This variant is milder and more suitable for sensitive skin types, making it a great choice for individuals who tend to avoid strong skincare ingredients.

Bright ‘Em Up Glass Glow Serum Lotion Glass Skin Bright

In contrast to spotless skin, the Glass Glow Serum Lotion Glass Skin Bright targets dullness – yes, we’re not tolerating dry skin in 2024. Its lightweight formula doesn’t just sit on the skin’s surface; it deeply nourishes and revitalizes, leaving behind a subtle glow. Since incorporating it into our routines, we’ve noticed a significant improvement in the overall texture and radiance of our skin. Even on days when our skin feels particularly lackluster, this lotion instantly refreshes and brings back the glow.

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