5 Times TXT’s Yeonjun Proved That He Was Filipino In A Past Life

Yeonjun Pinoy

Talent, charisma, personality, and more, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Yeonjun has got it all, and maybe even a secret Filipino side.

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If you are a resident or even a passing visitor of K-pop stan Twitter, then you’ve probably seen quite a few stans refer to TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Yeonjun as the 4th gen prince. And that’s for a good reason. His performances, stage presence, natural charm, and not to mention his inability to not slay girl group covers have endeared Yeonjun to many, which in turn have garnered him fans from all over the world, including the Philippines. 

Not only does TXT have many Filipino fans, but Yeonjun also knows how to give Pinoy MOA (the name of their fandom) what they want. We low-key wouldn’t be surprised if he took a DNA test and it showed that he had some Filipino ancestry. From bodying Filipino trends to listening to OPM artists, scroll down for some of the moments where Yeonjun’s inner Pinoy jumped.




♬ Ginseng Strip 2002 – Yung Lean

TikTokers are lucky Yeonjun didn’t decide to pursue being a full-time TikTok content creator because he would have left people jobless. The way he chews up any trending dance challenge on TikTok is too good. And some of the trends he does include ones started or made popular by Filipino creators and users. Yeonjun BINI Pantropiko challenge when? 


@txt.bighitent Replying to @ssang 𖣘 saw txtenhabndskz ♬ carlanjofficial – palomocarlryan on IG

When we saw the notification that Yeonjun did the Marikit Sa Dilim trend, we had to refresh the app multiple times because we didn’t believe it was real. But what made it even better was that Yeonjun did it because a Filipino MOA tagged him in the comments and asked him to do it. That’s his people right there. 


@txt.bighitent #brothervibes (dc : @nianaguerrero ♬ Give It Up – Niana Guerrero

Not only does Yeonjun do Pinoy TikTok trends, but he also supports local creators. Case in point: he and Hueningkai did a dance challenge started by Niana Guerrero, used her audio, tagged her, and gave credit to Niana in the caption, something you don’t always see in these kinds of videos. We love Filipinos supporting their fellow Filipinos. 


@timmyalbum I can’t believe this just happened hi pogi 🇵🇭#TXT #txtmoa #yeonjun #yeonjun_txt ♬ FEELINGS – timmy albert

Yeonjun having Filipino artists in his rotation feels correct. During one of his lives a few years ago, the K-pop idol shared how he discovered the music of rising OPM artist Timmy Albert during a shoot. “This is the song I found while shooting… I listened to this song, and I liked it so much. ‘Every Hour’ and ‘FEELINGS’ by Timmy Albert. Please try these songs. They are so good,” he said. Daniel Choi? More like Daniel Cruz. 



Yeonjun wouldn’t go all the way to the Philippines not to try Jollibee now would he? In 2022, when the group first came to the country for their two-day concert at MOA Arena, Filipino fans asked Yeonjun to try Jollibbe. He actually saw the comments and was initially confused as he thought they were referring to a rapper in Unpretty Rapstar. He eventually learned that it was a fast food chain and was able to try it before he left the country courtesy of TXT’s staff. His verdict? “The company watched my live yesterday and prepared this for me ㅠㅠ They’re the best and Jollibee is the best~” We know that’s right. 

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