7 Times Kyline Alcantara Was The Realest Celeb In The Room

"Breakfast, lunch, and dinner ko na po ang hate comments."

Not only can she act, sing, and dance, Kyline Alcantara will also keep it real with you 100% of the time, no matter her star status.

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From taking on bit roles and riding on trucks just to make it to auditions, Kyline Nicole Alcantara is now a certified Gen Z star. Over the years, her roles have garnered her widespread praise and raised her profile as a future leading star. She’s also a talented singer and dancer who frequently entertains audiences on programs like All-Out Sundays. And to top it all off, the Korean Tourism ambassador is a stunning beauty with a killer sense of style. But aside from her talents and achievements, one major reason why Kyline has endeared herself to her Sunshines (the name of her fans) is the fact that she always keeps it real.

Despite the pressures of being in the public spotlight entails, Kyline isn’t afraid to speak her mind stand up for what she believes in, and spill the tea every know and then. With Kyline, what you see is what you get and she says it as it is, which makes us love her even more. With that being said, here are just a few moments when the 20-year-old star unapologetically spoke her mind


Celebrities are expected to always look their best and present themselves to the public looking immaculate. But we all have our flaws and Kyline wasn’t going to pretend that she was perfect herself. Like with any teenager going to puberty, Kyline saw changes to her body, including a break out of hormonal acne. Taking to her Instagram in 2019, the young star shared her struggles with acne. “Imagine, people are always expecting you to be at your best, to look perfect, look like the polished girl that they always see in TV and magazines, but you can’t even look at yourself in the mirror,” she wrote in the caption. Kyline shared that it wasn’t until she consulted with a specialist that her skin got better, and one of the main reasons why was through lessened use of makeup that she initially saw as the way to hide her flaws.

“Yes, even us na artista, madaming imperfections kagaya niyo, but as part of our job, we need to look more presentable, but it doesn’t mean na ganun palagi.” While Kyline did get some hate comments during this time of her life, her opening up reminded us that we all go through our own struggles and that there is nothing to be ashamed about it. As she says, “Don’t stress yourself over something to be perfect because it will not come. Accept your uniqueness and use it to your own advantage and represent yourself proudly [through] it.”


In one of her YouTube videos, Kyline reacted to some mean comments about her. One comment in particular mentioned Kyline’s makeup reading, “[Mukha] naman syang mabait pero yeah not pretty at [mukhang] laging over sa makeup, very ordinary looking.” Instead of getting offended about it though, she actually agreed with what the commentator had to say. “I agree with you dito. Of course, there’s a phase in my life na…sobrang dami ko talagang pimples and then sobrang insecure ko sa sarili ko. So as much as possible marami po talaga ako magmakeup just to cover all the pimples.” Tellingly, she also admitted that she used to edit her pictures to fit the standards of what people thought an artista should look like. “[N]ot gonna deny—edit the pictures para pumasok sa standards ng society na ‘artista beauty’ na perfect, walang imperfections.”

Since then though, she has gone out of that phase and learned to accept her real self more. “Eventually I realized na, nope, I need to show my real self. And ‘wag ka pong mag-alala nabawasan ko na yung makeup ko ngayon. Okay na siya.” These days, Kyline has also been very vocal that she no longer feels the needs to always look flawless or conform to certain standards when in the public spotlight.  


A rumor that often hounds celebrities is that they got plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures to look the way they do. This is something Kyline knows well as she herself has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors. As always, she tackled those rumors head on. In her YouTube video where she answers the most Googled questions about her, Kyline denied accusations that she got procedures done on her face. “Dahil sa mga childhood picutres ko, akala ng iba na nagparetoke ako ng cheekbones. Kasi ang ganda-ganda raw po ng cheekbones ko, so guys, wala po yang filler,” she said in the video.

Kyline then went on to reveal that someone suggest to her to get a rhinoplasty, which she declined because she liked the way she looked. Still, she made sure to add that there was nothing wrong if people wanted to get a nose job for themselves. “And if magpapa-nose job man kayo, why not? It’s your body. If you feel confident, go for it.”. Exactly Kyline.


Imagine cheating on Kyline Alcantara. Well, one boy actually did just that when she spilled her past relationship to Bea Alonzo in a YouTube video. “I had this experience na ilang beses sa akin nag-cheat ‘yung tao na ‘yun and then as a naïve and young woman ilang beses ko siyang pinagbigyan and akala ko every single time na nag-apologize sakin magbabago na siya.”

Over time though, Kyline realized that it wasn’t her responsibility to help people who don’t want it. And at the end of the day, the experience did make her a better person. “It’ll all start from you, from within at hindi mo dapat siya i-push na magbago and it’s not my job. Kailangan ko lang talaga mapagdaanan, and now I’m aware of that. I’m grateful for that experience.” So, take it from Kyline and don’t give that person another chance if they don’t deserve it.


Some of Kyline Alcantara’s biggest roles to date are that of antagonists: Arlene in Annaliza and Cheska in Kambal, Karibal. And while some worry that Kyline may be type-casted as the kontrabida, she accepted that the antagonist role does suit her, at least visually. In that same reacting to mean comments video, one user commented that Kyline was being casted as the kontrabida instead of rom-coms she looks the part. Kyline actually accepted it and talked about her acting career saying, “I agree with you na pang kontrabida po ‘yung face ko. I trust GMA. Sinabi ko rin naman ‘to sa management that I’m still young so I’m just ‘g’ to explore or experiment with a lot of genres sa acting ko.”


There’s no denying that Kyline and Mavy Legaspi’s chemistry on and off screen is electric. It’s actually goals at this point. Their relationship though didn’t start out like that at first. Like with friends who develop deeper feelings for each other, Kyline didn’t initially know what to make of Mavy’s feelings. In episode four of Dee’s Room, Denise Laurel’s interview series on YouTube, Mavy revealed that he was the first one to admit that he liked her.

Kyline though, felt overwhelmed with the confession. “I gave him a wall after that kasi super na-overwhelm ako,” she said. “The feeling was really foreign for me kasi never pa akong nasabihan ng ganoon, naparamdam ng ganoon.”. That wall though has since come down as MavLine’s relationship, whatever it may be, continues to flourish.


In the Philippines, it’s expected that most public figures don’t comment on certain hot button issues for one reason or another. But that wasn’t the case for Kyline. In the lead-up to the 2022 national elections, she made it known who she was supporting as her presidential pick by saying how proud her Bicolano heart was on seeing Leni Robredo’s Naga rally (like Leni, Kyline is from Camarines Sur). While some would have preferred that Kyline keep her head down and say nothing, she used her platform to speak on who she believes in and her hopes for a better country.

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