8 Times Aljon Mendoza And Jayda Avanzado Proved That AlJay Is Your Next Obsession

New love team alert!

With the new youth-oriented series Teen Clash comes AlJay, a new love team by Aljon Mendoza and Jayda Avanzado that will rock your world.

One of the good things that comes with new shows is the discovery of fresh talents or, as is usual with Filipino entertainment, new love teams that are worth obsessing over. This is the case with iWantTFC and BlackSheep’s latest offering, Teen Clash, a teen-oriented series about college life, youthful aspirations, and passion for music. Ever since the announcement of the hit e-novel’s series adaptation in August last year, fans couldn’t hide their excitement online, especially when it was revealed that celebrity daughter and singer Jayda Avanzado and Pinoy Big Brother alum Aljon Mendoza would play the lead character and love interests Zoe and Ice, respectively.

Supporters have since started shipping the two, initially imagining the potential between the two until the Teen Clash teaser came out early this month and the fans were delighted by the expected chemistry of Aljon and Jayda. And then AlJay was born, as stans started imbibing the Teen Clash fever with a new love team that, just like the show, have already rocked their world. Let’s then look at some of the moments when AlJay looks like the next kilig-inducing love team that will capture countless hearts.

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Fans expected some spark but they were given a whole firework of emotions as Aljon Mendoza and Jay Avanzado staged a special musical performance last November during the live announcement of the full cast of Teen Clash. And of course, AlJay stans at the Eastwood Central Plaza at that time couldn’t contain their kilig-filled screams for the duo’s captivating connection.


Aljon Mendoza and Jayda Avanzado were also among the love teams who dazzled at Star Magic’s Star Magical Christmas Ball last year. Jayda was inspired by a “gift that keeps on giving” theme looking stunning in her red ensemble while Aljon looked dashing in his Christmas-tree inspired and best-dressed-winning look. Together, AlJay served visuals that were as charming as they were enchanting.


@jedijayda spreading some holiday cheer 🤗✨🎄#abscbnchristmasspecial2022 #teenclashseries ♬ Binibini – Zack Tabudlo

Here’s AlJay looking expensive and just genuinely happy together while spreading some holiday cheer at ABS-CBN’s Christmas Special last December where the Teen Clash teaser was also first revealed. Just look at them, the vibe that they’re giving off, with Zack Tabudlo’s Binibini in the background, is so fairytale-like isn’t it?


@aljongmendoza Zoe and Ice 🙌🏼 #teenclash ♬ original sound – Barry ALLEN 🇵🇭 – Barry ALLEN🇵🇭TBPH CLO.

For his first AlJay TikTok entry, Aljon Mendoza spends a sweet little moment with Jayda Avanzado while vibing and getting goofy to Aikee’s iconic and nostalgic song, Kahit Bata Pa Ako. They’re just too cute to handle for real.


@jedijayda pausong interpretative dance challenge 🤪 @aljongmendoza #teenclashseries ♬ original sound – Sarah

If you’re still not charmed by AlJay, here’s another clip of Aljon and Jayda giving cuteness overload with what seems to be an improvised interpretative dance to the tune of Taylor Swift’s Crazier.


@jedijayda ge nga, ilabas mo yung angas mo! @aljongmendoza ♬ original sound – MareMo

Aljon and Jayda are just like their Teen Clash characters Ice and Zoe in this TikTok edit of them lip-syncing to MareMo’s angsty monologue. That line, “O ano matapang ka? Sige nga mahalin mo nga ako,” will surely remind you of Zoe’s “Nagagandahan ka? Sige, titig pa” part in the teaser. Either way, AlJay’s playfulness will brighten up your day.


Jayda Avanzado at the piano while harmonizing with Aljon Mendoza who’s singing with her, what can be a better romantic moment than this. This just proves how AlJay are both worthy of their Teen Clash characters who share the love for music.


@aljon_jaydaaa Aljon Mendoza Jayda Avanzado Teen Clash #AlJay #AljonMendoza #JaydaAvanzado #Aljon #Jayda #teenclashseries ♬ Give Me Your Forever Zack Tabudlo – ALGER

During one of the Teen Clash rehearsals, Aljon Mendoza and Jayda Avanzado performed a short romantic choreography much to the excitement of their fellow cast members. One AlJay stan stitched this into a video from when Jayda did the same romantic twirl with her dad Dingdong Avanzado and it’s just magical to witness. Will this be a road to forever for AlJay? Fingers-crossed!

Are you an AlJay stan and excited to see more of your favorite love team? Well, head on to NYLON Manila’s latest poll where you can support Aljon Mendoza and Jayda Avanzado and vote for them as many times as you like!

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