Kill ‘Em With Kindness: TikTok Celebrates Creative Kindness With a Global Campaign

Haters gonna hate, and we ain't here for it.

Taylor Swift said it best: “Why you gotta be so mean?”

Growing up, we have all heard of various stories relating to different forms of exclusivity such as racism, gender discrimination, and ageism around the world. Sadly, these even occur in our immediate surroundings. It’s not exactly something that’s kept on the down low, but it doesn’t mean it’s okay just because people know about it. And now that the prime age of social media is here, the dreadful act of bullying is getting worse and worse. Numerous people have become more confident in putting others down merely because of the supposed safety they feel behind their screens. This is why through their #CreateKindness campaign, TikTok is taking another step in ensuring that any form of bullying is not and will never be welcome on their platform.

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Make love, not war

The entire team behind the social media application isn’t oblivious to the gravity of online bullying and how it affects the other person receiving such malicious attacks. Driven by their passion to maintain a welcoming environment for users all over the world, and to further emphasize the significance of the #CreateKindness campaign by raising awareness, TikTok is releasing a series of videos relating to the impact of online bullying. Posted on their own @TikTokTips account, these animated video series feature six creator-animators who share first-hand experiences, advice to those dealing with cyberbullying, perspectives on how to counter it, and the importance of working together in preventing it from ever happening again. Through each of their unique animation styles and voices, and even revealing themselves at the end of each video, an important message remains: behind every single social media account is a living, breathing, feeling human being who deserves to be treated with the utmost kindness and respect.

TikTok spreads kindness beyond content

Apart from the influence of their video series, TikTok is committed to removing content and accounts that have been associated with harassment and bullying. They also continue to say that bullying will never be tolerated on their platform by making sure their policies, features, and partners reflect their comprehensive approaches to online safety.

Choose, celebrate, and create kindness by knowing more about TikTok’s campaign on their app that can be downloaded on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.