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Let Your Voice And Vote Be Heard With The New PH Ballot Cry

Let your voice be heard!

Every vote matters and the New PH Ballot Cry will help you not only have your voice heard, but be able to participate in changing the country for the better.

As we celebrate Independence Day, we are reminded that even with all the challenges we are facing, we still have that unwavering love for our country. Over the past year, we have constantly seen that when the going gets tough, Filipinos unite around a common cause to help one another. That’s the spirit of Bayanihan. This year, we are also reminded that the Philippines is at a crossroads, a time of immense change, and an opportunity for a new and better Philippines to emerge especially with the 2022 elections coming up in less than a year. This is why for this year’s New PH campaign, One Mega Group is launching The Ballot Cry with a focus on voter registration and education.

New PH

For the past six years, the New PH campaign has served as a way for OMG to talk about and discuss certain issues that may be skirted around or ignored, but that need to be addressed. The first New PH campaign in 2015 tackled buying locally made products and encouraged people to support local. The year after, the main theme was inclusiveness and openness to build a more diverse society. 2017 and 2018 saw the New PH campaign recognize the growing of Millennials and how they are bringing change to the Philippines. The following year’s New PH campaign’s main theme was equality for the LGBTQIA+ community. 2020 celebrated those who were pivotal in helping the country during the pandemic.

The Ballot Cry

This then leads us to today. Yes, most, if not all of us are still dealing with the pandemic, but despite that, others are looking forward to rebuilding and getting their lives on track. In a time of great change and hardship, OMG turns its attention to the 2022 elections. It’s no secret that the events of the last year made people realize how important it is to not only vote for the right leaders, but to hold them accountable as well. The 2022 elections could be the most important election in this country in over a generation. We have a chance to turn a new page and ask ourselves: Do we want the same status quo? Or do we want new leaders who actually listen to their citizens and work for the people? This is why the 2021 New PH campaign is called The Ballot Cry.

Headshot Campaign

Over the next four months, until voter registration ends on September 30, OMG will be making and releasing content with the main goal to encourage voter registration and to start a conversation about what we want to see and happen in the 2022 elections. The focus is on the true power of the people. After all, we are the ones who elect our leaders and it’s time we have our voices be heard. The main event for New PH will be a headshot campaign. In this, people are encouraged to participate by taking a photo that incorporates this year’s theme and design for the layout. Participants can then use three unique Facebook frames and Instagram filter designs that highlight relevant news in this country. The headshot campaign will also come with a detailed how-to when it comes to registering to vote.

NYLON Manila’s Efforts

Of course, we here at NYLON Manila will be getting in on the action and making sure the youth are heard, and more importantly, are registered to vote. We have already prepared stories and videos to help educate the youth on voter registration and the importance of your vote. After all, there will be over 40 million Millennials and Gen Zs eligible to vote by the 2022 elections. Check out this video of little kids talking about what they would like for the future of the Philippines. Head on over to our website and read up on stories about how to register to vote (it’s easy), as well as a first-hand experience of someone who registered to vote just last year.

Did you know that there are 14 million eligible Filipinos who have not yet registered to vote? Read up on this and more relevant statistics about voter registration in the Philippines. Join us in our Facebook Community as we talk about relevant issues in the lead-up to the elections. Later on, our very own Lyn Alumno will document her experience registering to vote for the first time. Even your faves are encouraging you to vote. We have Kakie Pangilinan, Kokoy De Santos, and Ian Pangilinan participating in a manifesto encouraging you to register to vote. Don’t sit this one out. Have your voice and vote be heard.