This Alamat and Calixto Interaction Will Make You Want A SEA Pop Collab, Stat

SEA pop rise!

Southeast Asian pop shines in these heartwarming interactions between Alamat and the Indonesian boy group, Calixto.

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Southeast Asian pop groups supporting each other? We love to see it. Recently, Filipino multilingual sing-rap-dance group Alamat and five-member Indonesian boy group Calixto have charmed the hearts of fans from the region after a series of exchanges of support for each other. From reacting (and loving) each other’s music to doing dance covers of their hit bops, this Alamat and Calixto connection will have you crave for an official SEA pop collaboration.


This wholesome interaction started over a week ago when Indonesian five-piece wonder Calixto, posted a reaction video to Alamat’s Maharani music video on their official YouTube channel. Calixto’s Dinand, Lukas, Ghatfaan, Chrisnoel, and Zidane, who debuted under PAPI Talent in 2021, spread some positive vibes as they showed their love for the smash-hit Alamat track.

In the video, Calixto couldn’t help but jam to Maharani with the boys, even singing some of the song’s Tagalog lyrics. “I love the song,” Zidane, the group’s lead vocalist, enthuses. Meanwhile, some highlights of Calixto’s reaction include Dinand’s stanning Jao moment, rapper Chrisnoel loving the beat drop in Maharani’s rap part, Lukas loving Alamat’s intricate fits, and Ghatfaan’s gushing over the M/V’s storyline. 

Who are their Alamat biases, you ask? Well, Lukas and Ghatfaan are legit Mo fanboys while Chrisnoel’s choice is Alamat’s leader Taneo. It’s also fitting that Calixto’s lead vocalist Zidane picks main vocalist Tomas as his bias and main dancer Jao resonates with main dancer Dinand the most. 

The fact that Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog have linguistic similarities make all this more than just happenstance. (Alamat, it turns out, means “address” in Indonesian.) Alamat were also quick to show their appreciation for Calixto’s support. As a reply, the 6inoos reacted to the M/V of Calixto’s latest track, Mathematics. Jao shares his admiration for the boys’ sheer talent who, even though all of them are still in their teens, are already killing it in the pop music scene. Like Calixto’s kuya, Tomas encourages them to never stop and keep upping their game. Main rapper Alas even jokingly suggests Science as the Alamat x Calixto collab song and knowing their caliber, that’s not a bad idea, to be honest. 


ALAMAT – ‘Maharani’ dance challenge by CALIXTO SEA Pop rise up ! 🇵🇭🇮🇩

♬ Maharani – Alamat
@alamat.official 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 🇵🇭🇮🇩 Let’s do Mathematics Dance Challenge by @CALIXTO #dancemathematics #calixtomathematics #CALIXTO #fyp #alamat ♬ original sound – ALAMAT

To mark this emerging SEA pop connection, the two boy groups finally met each other online via an exclusive TikTok live session they held last March 27. Alamat has also posted a Mathematics dance cover on their TikTok page while Calixto casually aces the Maharani dance challenge. It’s so endearing and uplifting to witness two talented groups from the region rooting for each other. And fingers crossed, may this be the start of more diverse collaborations from the region. SEA pop rise!

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