7 Things You Need To Know Before Going To The B★VERSE “BTS, Singing The Stars” Exhibition in Manila

Where my money, yah? Where the party, yah?

Another day, another way to get closer to BTS during their enlistment era.

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Get ready to be transported to a space dedicated to BTS and us, the BTS ARMY, through B★VERSE “BTS, Singing The Stars.” Opened this May 17, this isn’t just your typical merch store. It’s a full-on sensory exhibit that left me starry-eyed and even teary-eyed during the purple carpet event last May 14.

B★VERSE, pronounced “B-Star-Verse,” is a clever play on BTS and the idea of a whole universe dedicated to them. This immersive production is located at the 4th level of Araneta City’s Gateway Mall 2 in Cubao. A collaboration between The Fact Music Awards (TMA) and YiZ Entertainment, this exclusive experience has already made stops in Malaysia, Japan, and Thailand. 

But first, TMA Explained: The K-Pop Awards with Fan Power

TMA, or The Fact Music Awards, is a prestigious Korean music awards show since 2019. Unlike others, it combines the Circle Chart (previously known as the Gaon Chart) data with fan votes worldwide to decide the winners. BTS dominated for years, even snagging grand prizes (Daesang) from 2018 – 2022 and the Fan N Star Choice Award (Group) for 2022 – 2023. Jin received the Fan N Star Choice Award (Individual) in 2022.

The BTS ARMY also are fans of the awards show because the organization released special photobooks. The Fact BTS Photobook Special Edition: We Remember is filled with photos taken during “The Fact Music Awards” last December 12, 2020. Special images of the “MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS,” which aired on February 24, 2021, are also included.

Its second installment, 2021 The Fact BTS Photobook Special Edition, is also considered one of the most memorable shoots of the septet, as they are featured wearing sleek suits. Also featured in this book are exclusive photos of BTS’ performance for BBC Radio 1. This memorabilia was made available to the public in July 2021.

The third photobook was a celebration of BTS’s 10th anniversary. Entitled Present, it has been available for purchase since April 2023. This collectible captured the moments of the TMA event held last October 8, 2022, at the KSPO Dome.

Before you head out to the exhibit, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks so you’ll have the best time in this Magic Shop. 

1. Watch some of the BTS performances and speeches from The Fact Music Awards in VR


TMA Music Awards is recreated in full detail, and fans are transported to the show itself, with BTS almost right in front of you. We loved that even the sides of the stage, the floors, and the ceilings appeared very real. Be warned, sometimes BTS can get closer to you!

2. Strike a pose with BTS standees or recreate their poses near the Present tree


Our personal favorite is the installation that is reminiscent of the third The Fact Photobook. There are also standees in the end, so ensure you get your pose and cameras ready. Don’t forget to recreate some of BTS’ iconic expressions!

3. Learn more about BTS through thematic rooms


Photo by Erica Luna

This unique showcase is dedicated to the distinct personality of each member. We’re tempted to tell you what’s inside, but we’d rather you experience it yourself. While photos are not allowed inside RM’s Nature Planet, Jin’s Satellite, J-Hope’s Hope Planet, V’s Film Planet, Suga’s Art Planet, Jimin’s Aqua Planet, and Jung Kook’s Prism Planet, the lack of distraction brought us to a higher state of euphoria.

4. All roads lead to the ARMY Way


Photo by Erica Luna

Just when we thought it was all over, a special room was made to immortalize the special relationship of the K-pop superstars with the fandom. We found ourselves mesmerized by the iconic photos and quotes on the walls. Combined with hearing the songs dedicated to the BTS ARMY, this is one example of how the connection will remain forever, bulletproof.

5. Walk down memory lane with BTS and other K-stars

After having all the feels, tour the hallway filled with photos of the TMA winners. It will surely bring you back to the special appearances, the heartstopping performances, and the unique interactions between the artists and their fans.

6. Party with BTS through projection mapping

Lights and sounds come together in this area. In our case, we went all out and danced our way to BTS’ biggest hits. Our tip? Don’t forget to look down and see the art on the floor.

7. Browse and buy the limited edition BTS B★VERSE merch


Photo by Erica Luna

Clear folders, postcards, calendars, brochures, tote bags, and t-shirts are some of the “useful” things that you can take home. Who doesn’t need these essentials with their biases on it? Right?

Ready to enter the BTS-verse? Here’s how to snag a ticket:

ARMYs can purchase:

  1. Online through the Ticketnet website 
  2. Ticketnet’s Box Office located in the Smart Araneta Coliseum’s Yellow Gate
  3. Gateway Mall 2’s Information Desk (walk-ins via B☆verse Ticketbooth are also allowed)

Types of tickets:

  1. Regular Pass (P 1,500.00) – allows entry only during the chosen date and time 
  2. Flexi-Pass (P1,900.00) – lets fans come in at any time during their chosen date 

Also, BPI, the official bank sponsor of B★VERSE has a special treat for its cardholders.

As a special treat, you can score a free cinema pass if you buy a movie ticket at Gateway Malls on the same day as your B★VERSE visit. Just present your B★VERSE pass at the ticket booth. This makes your trip to Araneta City a lot of fun (and economical), as you can enjoy Gateway’s Cineplex 18 with your loved one or your BTS ARMY bestie.

If that wasn’t enough, each ticket also comes with a battery-operated ARMY Star Badge and a random photo card of one of the BTS members. In our case, we pulled Mr. Worldwide Handsome. And in the spirit of ARMY friendship, we exchanged our photocard for an RM photocard and we all got exactly what we wanted. Who doesn’t want that? 


B★VERSE “BTS, Singing The Stars” Manila is now open until August 15, 2024. 

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