4 BTS Dances You Can Thank Brian Puspos For

Brian, how does it feel to live our dream?

Another win for Filipino ARMYs.

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If the name Brian Puspos rings any bells, then you probably have seen some of his many choreographies and dances. The Filipino choreographer has made a name for himself as one of the most talented dancers in the industry. It’s no wonder then that not only does he have a fanbase around the world, but he’s also an in-demand choreographer to A-list musicians.

One of the biggest artists Brian has worked with is BTS. ICYDK, the members of BTS have expressed their admiration for Brian before, with Jungkook and Jimin even doing a cover of his Own It choreography. It’s a bit of a full circle moment then that Brian got to work with BTS on multiple occasions. Check out the songs this talented Pinoy dancer brought to life with his moves.


Opening the group’s Love Yourself Her era was Serendipity, Jimin’s ethereally beautiful solo that just tickles the ears in all the right spots. And a song this graceful requires moves that do it justice, which Brian Puspos delivered when he choreographed the track. Brian, who has admitted to being Jimin biased, gave the steps beauty, elegance, and details that Jimin, who is a big fan of Brian, executed with ease. It all makes for a mesmerizing performance.  


When Brian Puspos is given the opportunity to choreograph a sentimental BTS track, you know he’s going to eat, which he did for his dance for Butterfly. With simple yet emotive steps, the choreography embodies the message of the touching track. We definitely need more full group choreographies from Brian.


Brian got the chance to hop on and help make the choreography for Jungkook’s My Time, his solo from the group’s Seven LP. And we’re glad he did because the moves perfectly complement Jungkook’s ode to growing up and finding his own time. Low-key, it’s one of his best performances, with the choreography being one of the main reasons why. The K-pop idol is in control of his time.


Brian Puspos really is living the dream given the fact that Jungkook, who is a fan of Brian, personally asked him to dance with him for his solo debut, Seven. “When JK asks you to dance, you go dance!!” shared Brian on Instagram as he went on to thank everyone who made the opportunity happen. While Brian has had a hand in making some of our fave choreographies, he went on the stage himself as part of Jungkook’s dance team for Seven, and he deserves it. The choreography gives the fun (and suggestive) bop the fun energy of a young man in love.

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