These Gen Z Teen Stars Are Ready To Sparkle In The Spotlight

New faves alert.

From child stars turned teen idols to fresh faces, these youths are looking to shine as part of the next generation of young artists.

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As generations come of age, a new batch of young stars enter the showbiz industry hoping to become the next big thing. After all, some of today’s biggest stars were just teenagers when they first began their careers. So, when major local entertainment companies prepare to launch their new batch of talents, you can bet it will be a group to watch out for. Such is the case with Sparkle Teens, GMA Network’s talent management arm’s first-ever batch of teen stars ready to make their mark on the industry.


Following 2022’s Sparkle’s Next Brightest Stars, Sparkle Love Teams, and Sparkada, Sparkle is back once more to launch its batch of bright, energetic, and bubbly teen stars. Some of these fresh faces are child stars who you’ve probably seen before while others are rookies with potential. But regardless, they all share that “it” factor, as shared by noted starmaker Mr. M. “[They have the] Enthusiasm and willingness to sacrifice for the craft. Willing sila mag-workshops, kumuha ng advanced classes [to improve].”

Of course, these teens weren’t just thrust into the spotlight out of the blue. GMA prepared them to take on any challenge that the industry throws their way. “We had these kids go through months of intense workshops before their launch as Sparkle Teens. They trained with the best acting, singing, and dancing coaches to help them become the stars that they’re meant to be. No easy task but they pulled through really well,” shares Sparkle’s Assistant Vice President Joy Marcelo.


So, what can you expect from the Sparkle Teens this year? It’s going to be busy days for them as they have social media campaigns and roles in teen-oriented shows of GMA. Some even have upcoming drama appearances. And because these teens can do more than just acting, they also starred in their very own music video and are set for guesting in All-Out Sundays. 

“These kids are not only good-looking and talented, but they are also very hardworking, humble, sweet, and kind. I am confident that after they are seen showcasing their unique talents, fans will genuinely appreciate them and come to love them as the next big stars of this industry,” expresses Sparkle’s Senior Assistant Vice President Annette Gozon-Valdes.

It’s just early days for these Gen Z newcomers, so we can’t wait to see what they have in store.

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