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These Filipino Stars Bodied Their YouTube Fanfest 2022 Performance

And that's on talent.

SB19, Ranz Kyle, Niana and Natalia Guerrero, and AC Bonifacio proudly repped the Philippine flag during YouTube Fanfest 2022 in Singapore.

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After two years of online activities due to the pandemic, YouTube Fanfest finally returned to the live stage with an in-person event. And it did so in a grand way as the tenth edition of the festival returned to Singapore for its IRL festivities. YouTubers, artists, creators, and not to mention thousands of fans made their way to the Lion City last November 11 for Fanfest.

The event, which was also live streamed, proved to be a fun one as creators and stars from around the world entertained fans during the show. No truer was this than the impressive line-up that YouTube put together that spanned multiple genres, artists, and acts.

Not one to be outdone, Philippine artists made sure to show up and show out as they wowed audiences with the special performances they had planned. Here are the stages that proved to be a highlight of the night.   


No YouTube Fanfest would be complete without including the country’s first family of dancing. For their return to the YouTube Fanfest stage, Ranz and Niana decided to bring along Natalia (who also hung out with K-pop girl group Billie btw) for a song and dance number complete with vocals and rap. Ranz, Niana, and Natalia look so good in their matching black and red fits. Even though Niana wasn’t feeling well during the performance, she pulled it off. 


Britney Spears, is that you? AC was a full-blown pop star as she took to the stage for her two-part performance. Her stage presence was on-point when she performed her single Fool No Mo! while she flexed her dancing skills with her cover of NewJeans’ Attention. And AC did all that while rocking her denim number.


A great performance isn’t complete without a great concept. And that’s what SB19 gave us for their YouTube Fanfest 2022 performance. While they weren’t able to perform on the live stage, they made sure to leave us with a fun performance of WYAT during the live stream. With the help of their trust boom box, Justin teleports Stell, Pablo, and Josh to the stage before they are joined by Ken. They brought the disco to the theater as they confidently went through the song. And the way they cutely peeked their heads out of the curtain at the end was the cherry on top.

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