Our Favorite Performances From YouTube FanFest 2021 Philippines

What was your favorite performance?

From Ranz Kyle, Niana Guerrero, and Natalia Guerrero breaking it down on the dance floor to the iconic collab between SB19 and AC Bonifacio, here are our favorite performances from YouTube FanFest 2021.

Despite the fact that this year’s YouTube FanFest 2021 Philippines was held virtually, that didn’t stop the YouTubers, content creators, and artists from coming together for quite the show. Over the course of three days, creators from around the country came together to entertain the fans, albeit digitally. Episode oe, entitled Island Life, focused on Cebuano creators. Episode two, Everyone Is Beautiful, brought some of the biggest lifestyle and beauty YouTubers together to do a plantita inspired challenge. The third episode, The Finale, was all about ending YouTube FanFest on a high note. And of course, there were also a lot of performances from both YouTubers and artists. While everyone did a great job, here are our favorite performances from the event.

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It was the first time The Juans performed at YouTube FanFest Philippines and their deut appearance saw them perform twice. They first set was during episode oe where they played a medley of their hits from Hatid, Hindi Tayo Pwede, Umaga, and Atin Ang Mundo. Dressed in floral prints, not only was the band on-theme with the episode, but their performance made us feel that we were watching them live at a gig as we jammed along to their songs. For their second performance, they sang their new song, Dulo, during episode three and brought things to a more emotional feeling.


For Lesha’s performance at YouTube FanFest, she gave two whole vibes to the stage. She started things off with her new song Sun Moon Rising. Dressed in a voluminous white gown, she brought the fun, groove, and disco. For her second song, she performed an unreleased track from her album called Karma as she changed to a gold jumpsuit with a gorgeous corset with gold and red detailing. It was a darker and more dramatic performance, but it was just as good. The only thing we need now is for Lesha to release Karma officially.


AC Bonifacio really let out her inner pop star during YouTube FanFest Philippines 2021. During her main performance during episode two, she first danced two Sarah Geronimo’s Duyan. Dressed in a blue satin pajama-like outfit, she glided along the stage with her dance moves before taking things to the next level as she removed her top to reveal her white halter top. She then did a cover of Get Me Down by LouisVint and Juliana Celine. AC is most known for her dancing skills, and rarely do we see her sing, but despite that, she confidently held the mic and made it look like she’s been doing this for years. But that wasn’t the end of AC’s talents, as you’ll see in the next entry.


SB19 wee set to perform at YouTube FanFest and expectations were high that they would do good, and they delivered in a major way. They opened episode three with a performance of MANA. In keeping with the song’s ominous vibe, the boys were dressed in crow-inspired outfits and had dark eye make-up and made for one of their more memorable ensembles. Later on in the show, they performed Bazinga and while it was great, what made it the talk of the town was AC coming in to not only dance with them, but to also sing and rap part of the song. The SB19 and AC Bonifacio collab was so memorable and their performance currently lives rent-free in our minds.


For Zack Tabudlo, his performance was a simple, but so good. He first performed Binibini, followed by Nangangamba. It was during the latter when Zack really stood out, because watching him perform, you can feel the emotion radiating for him. The vocals were on point and he was feeling every word which made for a fulfilling performance. Despite the fact that it was just him playing guitar with no light show or backup dancers, he still killed it and had us in our feels.


You couldn’t have a YouTube-centric event without having the reigning king and queen of YouTube Philippines perform now, would you? To close out episode three and YouTube FanFest Philippines 2021, Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero performed their latest song, Mayo Slide. They were cool and confident on stage, but what made it even better (and cuter), was their little sister Natalia Guerrero joining them in the performance. It was definitely a fun and feel-good way to end the show.

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