The Ransom Collective Shares Why Now Is The Right Time For Their Long-Awaited Reunion

The collective returns.

After three years of solo activities and adventures, The Ransom Collective is set to hit the stage as a full band. And they couldn’t be happier.

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One of the biggest trends we’ve spotted in music as of late is the resurgence of legacy bands and artists. Seeing many of our faves return to the music scene once more gives us a shot of joy that isn’t easily replicated. And one local band making their return to the stage, both figuratively and literally, is The Ransom Collective. Their comeback couldn’t have come at a better time.


Ever since the six-member folk band won Wanderband 2014, the group has become one of our indie faves with music that unlocks a sense of adventure, spirit, and new beginnings. Kian Ransom (vocals and drums), Jermain Choa Peck (percussions), Leah Halili (bass), Redd Claudio (drums), Muriel (violin), and Lily Gonzales (keys) collectively attracted a growing fanbase with music that spoke to the heart and occasionally swayed the feet.

But like most artists in 2020, The Ransom Collective decided to pause their activities to see how the pandemic would go. The members of the millennial indie fave soon embarked on their solo adventures before making their return as a full group with 2022’s 3AM. And this 2023, the folk band is further realizing this newfound era with a special reunion concert on February 4 aptly called Hello Again: The Ransom Collective Reunion Show.

The Ransom Collective Reunion Show

Marking their return to the live stage as a full band in three years, the show is set to be special, featuring some of their most notable songs, as well as new ones in their repertoire. Helping enhance this musical celebration is the inclusion of Cheats, syd hartha, and Gabba to the lineup.

The Ransom Collective Reunion Show

It all makes for a moment their fans have been waiting for, and even the members themselves. NYLON Manila recently had the chance to chat with The Ransom Collective where they opened up about reuniting, their bond, the potential for new music, and more.

How does it feel like to finally be on the same stage together after years apart?

JERMS: It feels surreal to be together again and quite nostalgic! We haven’t played our songs as a band and the first rehearsal where we’re complete felt like a warm hug. We couldn’t keep the smiles off our faces!

Why did you feel like now was the right time to have this reunion concert?

LEAH: We’re closing in on 10 years of being together as a band, and we felt like it was the perfect time because we’re all back in the same place where we met at the same time. Most of us have moved places since the pandemic and coming back to the place where we all started playing together feels like the best time to plan this reunion show.

The Ransom Collective Reunion Show

Does it feel awkward performing together in person again after years apart?

REDD: Playing together again for the first time in three years, it didn’t take us too long to rediscover our chemistry as a band, which went hand-in-hand with us catching up as friends. We are more excited than awkward really, since this feels like a homecoming gig for us.

Now that you’ll be back together as a complete group, which songs are you excited to perform live in the concert as a band?

MURIEL: I’m looking forward to playing our new song 3am—we haven’t really played this live yet, so people will be hearing this for the first time! As for our usual songs, Traces is a fun cinematic song to play and Settled always connects well with our audiences and brings the energy to a different level.

The Randsom Collective Reunion Show

What lessons have you guys learned on your solo activities that you’re applying to this reunion concert?

KIAN: All our solo activities and pursuits have widened our individual horizons and perspectives, which makes performing feel more like play, and less like work. Before the pandemic we were all treating TRC as a full time job, where now it feels more like a passion project. It feels like we are now able to enjoy being in the present a little more, and get to just enjoy the process of jamming and performing, without having the whole music business side of things in the back of mind.

Aside from your set, the concert will also see appearances from Cheats, syd hartha, and Gabba. How did you guys come up with this lineup?

JERMS: We wanted to see people we enjoyed watching live, and we’re big fans (and friends) of these artists, too!

The Ransom Collective Reunion Show

What do you hope fans take away from the February 4 concert?

JERMS: We hope that the people who will come to the show will remember to tap back into their inner child (as we did)—the carefree days, adventures and memories made with friends when they would listen to our music and hopefully bring this feeling with them as they continue on with their everyday life.

Aside from a reunion, is 2023 the year we finally see you guys release new music?

LEAH: We still have a couple of unreleased songs we’re hoping to work on further and release sometime this year although as of now, there are no dates or plans in doing so. Rest assured, we are preparing for an extra special reunion show and even play those unreleased songs!

The Ransom Collective Reunion Show

It’s been nearly a decade since the public first got to hear about the group and despite all that you have been through, you’re still together. What’s the secret to your strong bond?

REDD: I believe time is the key ingredient to our bond. Apart from sharing a creative bond, we are also long time friends, sharing similar tastes and interests and having watched each other grow through almost a decade as bandmates. Even today, when we’re not performing, we’re perfectly comfortable hanging out, too.

The Ransom Collective Reunion Show

What advice would you give to other young artists or bands out there hoping to make it big?

MURIEL: Just try everything! Sometimes it’s a matter of luck, you just have to increase your chances and put yourself out there. Playing gigs, doing shows, meeting other musicians, releasing songs. But also at the end—always have fun. If you don’t care about what you do it’s gonna show.

Tickets for Hello Again: The Ransom Collective Reunion Show are available to purchase here.

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