The Comeback Was Real For Wanderland 2023

Brb, just getting Carly Rae Jepsen's Wanderland performance tattooed on our brain.

Carly Rae Jepsen was a queen, Phoenix brought down the house, and the stage design did the thing. Here’s what went down at Wanderland: The Comeback.

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If one could stamp an overarching theme on 2022, it would be the year of the comeback. From personalities to trends, fashion styles to musicians, it felt as if every week of the past year had something making a return. After all, everything was and still is in an aggressive recover mode amid the pandemic. Even in the new year, the comeback energy is still going strong. Case in point, the weekend from March 4-5 was witness to the impressive return of one of the country’s top music and arts festivals, Wanderland.

The festival’s absence for the past three years was a sad one for many. This is why it was a more-than-welcome sight to see it return to the Filinvest City Events Ground. Thousands of Wanderers and their Wanderbuddies experienced a diverse line-up of artists, fun booths, activities, and more. It was a moment that made for core-worthy memories.


Nature understood the memo for Wanderland: The Comeback as clear skies, a radiant sun, and a cool breeze set the scene for those who made their way to the event grounds. Bright hues of blue and green welcomed guests to the sports-themed return of the festival, which people definitely got moving on the event field. Wanderland offered something exciting to do, see, or experience, at every corner of the field. Booths and attention-grabbing installations around the area offered Wanderers fun games and activities, with some even letting participants take home prizes.

Near the back was an entire athletics area where attendees got to do sports like shooting some hoops. But it wasn’t just there for decoration as festival goers got the chance to win tickets to Wanderland 2024 by participating in the games. Consider us jealous of those who scored tickets. Local artists Amiel Rivera, Wika Nadera, Faith De Leos, and Alaga, meanwhile, delighted Wanderers with their magical art pieces they made live.

If a bite was what Wanderers were looking for, they got it with the extensive selection of food and drink stalls by Wanderland’s version of a food court. From Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, American, and more, it had it all as attendees got to chow down or let loose with some alcoholic drinks. And in a nice touch, water refill stations were available throughout the festival grounds where guests refilled their jugs, bottles, and cups for free.

It should go without saying then that the vibes were immaculate. Wanderland has always prided itself on being more than just a music festival. And it became clear that even after a three-year absence, it hasn’t lost its touch. Friends, families, and everyone in between found a space to enjoy the festival and get their life, whether by the booths, tables, or picnic blankets they laid on the field as they waited for the next performer to start.


Wanderland made a name for itself with its lineups, and for Wanderland: The Comeback, the festival showed out with a diverse selection of artists from all over the world. Filipino and international artists took turns at the two-stage set-up entertaining the crowd with their tunes, and the audience was more than ready to receive it. Men I Trust had the crowd in a trance, Raveena was like a goddess with the euphoric energy she radiated, and Ylona Garcia made her much-waited return to a Philippine stage and delivered on the hype with her powerful vocals.

Thai duo HYBS, meanwhile, got everyone dancing with their set, Rico Blanco played most of his hits to the screams of the crowd, and FKJ delivered a searing memory for many when he brought out his partner, ((( O ))), during his set for a special performance.

The definitive highlights for the weekend-long festival were its headliners, Carly Rae Jepsen and Phoenix. Carly embodied her pop star persona as she entertained a raving crowd with her new tracks and classics. She brought the Wanderland crowd, which comprised of regular festival goers and A-listers like Nadine Lustre and Niana Guerrero, to pop church. Carly, and thousands of fans, singing Run Away With Me was an experience that satisfied the soul.

As for Phoenix, the moment they began their set with Lisztomania, we knew it was going to be epic. There wasn’t a single dull moment with the band. Aiding all of this was the fact that the production design for all the stages was top-tier, which greatly enhanced the experience. It was a visual and auditory feast for the senses.  


The world of sports is no stranger to comebacks. While athletes may fall and stumble, they know how to get themselves back up and get that coveted win. For every setback is the potential for an even great comeback. And Wanderland: The Comeback stood true to its name. They got back up and delivered an experience worth the price of admission. It’s good to have you back Wanderland. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be manifesting our dream 2024 lineup.

All photos from Wanderland Festival’s Intagram account.

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