After Ruling The Internet With Their Jewelry, Where Is Tala By Kyla And Its Gen Z CEO Now?

Shooting for the stars!

Five years after the debut of TALA by Kyla, the brand’s Gen Z CEO is still shooting for the stars. Here’s how she manages the growth of this ever-evolving brand today.

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In the whirlwind world of fashion and business, TALA by Kyla burst onto the scene, redefining the way style intersects with affordability. Owned by 22-year-old Kyla Cañete, this local brand has navigated the e-commerce sphere, embracing trends, innovations, and challenges, leaving an indelible mark on the digital shopping experience for half a decade. In a market saturated with options, TALA by Kyla distinguished itself by offering not just necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, but an experience—an ethos that resonated with a vast audience.

Years after its internet-breaking launch, TALA by Kyla continues to shoot for the stars, dropping collections and riding the trends. Initially spotlighting how a young CEO kickstarted a life-changing venture, all eyes are now on how she’s steering this ever-evolving brand. Read on for our chat with Kyla as she spills the tea on this ongoing voyage and gives a peek into what’s coming up next for TALA by Kyla.

Thinking back to when TALA by Kyla started, how has your vision for the brand changed over time?

I like creating new things—whether from scratch or repurposing something. TALA is something that really awakens and fosters my creativity. As trends change over time, we also evolve according to what we want for our brand. We’ve gone from producing jewelry to exploring new product lines, but still making sure to nourish that creativity. 

What were the coolest moments that propelled TALA by Kyla’s success in the market?

We had collections that unexpectedly went viral on social media that translated to huge sales. The first one that blew up was the Baby’s Breath Necklace— every single piece was handmade and unique. After that, we started exploring more designs for pressed flower necklaces. There are also so many times that the collections get sold out just minutes after posting. 

You’ve been leading TALA by Kyla for some time. What crazy stories or lessons can you share from your experience?

It’s more fun doing this with people I can have fun with! Our meetings usually last six hours (minimum) because once we start getting into our flow, we just keep going. 

TALA by Kyla kicked off with a bang. How did you manage to keep that hype alive and transform it into something better?

The first step is always listening to what our customers want. We aim to be as relatable as possible— we wouldn’t produce something we wouldn’t wear ourselves. Sometimes, the team would simply sit down, DIY, and end up with a whole collection in one sitting. If we find it cool, there’s always someone else who. would find it cooler.

Have there been moments when customer preferences shifted TALA by Kyla’s direction? How did you adapt and brainstorm new ideas to meet their ever-evolving demands?

About 90% of the decisions we make are driven by feedback. This influences our packaging, product lines, and marketing strategies. We consistently review comments for improvement, continually raising our standards.

What’s on the horizon for TALA by Kyla? Any thrilling plans or projects you can give us a sneak peek into?

We have product lines coming up, especially for the next year! We’re expanding beyond jewelry and we’re so excited to show everyone. 

The leap from online to a physical store is thrilling. What sparked the idea of launching a brick-and-mortar shop for TALA by Kyla, and what influence do you anticipate it will have on the brand’s connection with customers?

The Philippines is a mall-centric country. As things returned to normal after the pandemic, people began seeking us out in malls. They prefer seeing our products in person, finding it beneficial to assess the quality before purchasing, rather than relying solely on the aesthetics of social media.

Launching a store is a significant step. What distinctive experience are you aiming for at a physical TALA by Kyla location, differentiating it from the online shop?

We’ve begun offering in-store services within our designated areas known as ‘Shine Studio.’ We provide Forever Jewelry, name chokers, and personalized pieces. Additionally, we’re soon unveiling our Mix and Match collection, providing our TALA Babes with the complete experience of customizing their jewelry. Adding your personal touch to the accessories you wear is always an enriching experience, and we aim to evoke that special feeling for our customers.

Is TALA by Kyla considering expansion through franchising? What exciting opportunities do you foresee for potential franchisees looking to join the brand?

We’ve recently launched our first franchised store, and it’s incredibly exciting as it happens to be our largest store to date! Franchising allows us to assist other business owners in shaping their bright future. Additionally, it’s particularly special because our inaugural franchisee is nearly as young as I was when I began TALA, and she’s also a Tala babe!

Now, how are you ensuring consistency across all locations while managing physical stores and exploring franchising?

Our franchisees will undergo a series of training sessions, covering sales and marketing. It’s crucial for them to consistently maintain the brand identity whenever they make independent decisions. We ensure they grasp the essence of the brand and, most importantly, understand the customers’ needs.

What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a TALA by Kyla franchisee? What key qualities or values do you believe are essential for success within the brand?

As in any business, it’s always hard work and perseverance. For TALA, as funny as it sounds, you really need a certain level of arte to become a franchisee. You also need the willingness and passion to learn and innovate. Things are constantly changing in fashion, so you need to learn how to keep up.

For fans eagerly anticipating this new phase, could you share any hints or details about what they can expect from a TALA by Kyla store or a potential franchise in the future?

It will definitely be different from the online experience! We’ve planned so many things for our store including more options for customization, so the in-store experience will be more fun for our TALA Babes. 

Looking ahead, how do you see physical stores or franchises fitting into the future vision and growth plans for TALA by Kyla?

Our stores will always be our priority, whether or not they’re company-owned. Every store represents TALA, its vision and plans, and just like how we plan on growing online, we also have big plans for our franchises. 

Looking forward, what big dreams do you have for TALA by Kyla and for yourself?

Our main goal is to be a global fashion brand and I want to be an owner who never stops innovating. We will be setting trends and changing how the world sees fashion. 

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