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10 Filipino Brands That Champion Sustainability and Inclusivity In Period Care

And that's on period.

From menstrual cups to reusable cloth napkins, these local brands offer sustainable alternatives to period products.

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Listen up, people with periods! There are a million reasons why we use the period products that we do, a few of them being convenience, accessibility, and because it’s all we ever knew to use. Periods are often still taboo, thereby restricting our knowledge of menstruation and all that surrounds it. For instance, what other period products besides pads are there? How many people are victims of period poverty? Do we know how much period products contribute to waste?

A whole slew of questions and issues circulate in the world of menstruation, but in dealing with the sustainability issue, several Filipino brands and shops like the ones below have made it their mission to offer eco-friendly alternatives to the usual single-use period products like sanitary napkins and tampons. These brands also use their platforms to educate, advocate, debunk myths, and raise awareness regarding women’s health, reproductive health, menstruation and menstrual stigma, and sustainable menstruation. Think it’s time to make a switch?


hiraya period products period care brand


Hiraya Pilipina is one with the girls. The lifestyle brand is all about comfort, confidence, and redefining inner wear and period care. Besides adhesive bras and pasties, Hiraya sells Dream Bamboo Pads—biodegradable sanitary pads that are good for “both your body and the environment.” Shop Hiraya products on Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop, and their website.


nala woman period brands period care brand

Image from Nala Woman

Nala Woman is committed to providing safe, comfortable, and sustainable feminine products and advocating for a “woman-kind world.” They offer tampons, sanitary napkins, pantyliners, and a period cup to accommodate for all period product preferences. They also offer same-day delivery if you need products ASAP. Learn where to shop Nala Woman here.


halia period brands period care brand

Image courtesy of Halia

Halia wants to turn the crimson tide. The period care brand advocates for a world where “it’s the norm to have quality period products that are kind to our bodies and the planet,” and as such, they offer biodegradable, organic bamboo pads in their new Spread Your Wings line designed with sustainability and positive impact in mind. You can shop their products on their website or on Shopee Mall, Lazada, and select retail stores.


sinaya period brands period care brand


Sinaya is famous for their menstrual cup, the Sinaya Cup—one of the first in the Philippines. Sinaya champions “zero-waste menstruation”, relaying information that could lead others to decide to make the switch to menstrual cups, which reduce waste and offer different benefits to those who don’t prefer pads, tampons, and the like. Shop the Sinaya Cup on Shopee, Lazada, and their website.


simula period brands period care brand reusable cloth pads

Simula PH is a small local lifestyle shop that makes affordable, sustainable alternatives to everyday products, such as bamboo toothbrushes, reusable cotton rounds, and yes, period products like menstrual cups and reusable cloth sanitary napkins. On their website, they also sell products from different brands like Nala or Ecobar PH. Simula also partnered with Waves for Water Philippines for Donate-A-Pad, where cloth pads will be provided to girls and women of W4W’s partner community in Kalinga.


her period co period brands period care brand


HER (Period Co.), the first period company in the Philippines, has a selection of “chemical-free, natural, sustainable, and effective” period products with feminine flair like period underwear, discs, pads, and cups. HER is owned by licensed Filipino nurses and entrepreneurs and puts comfort and utility first. Shop HER products on their website.


just green ph period brands period care brand


Just Green PH offers simplistic reusable cloth sanitary pads and the Serene menstrual cup, as well as other eco-friendly home goods. Check them out on Shopee.


aunt flo period brands period care brand

Started in 2019, Aunt Flo‘s sustainable, beginner-friendly alternatives to period products include a menstrual cup and reusable washable lined cloth pads in fun, cute designs. Shop on their website or on Shopee.


greenpads period brands period care brand


Small local business Green Pads PH makes hand-made, washable cloth home and care products like reusable facial wipes, coasters, masks, and yes, period pads in the most colorful patterns. Find them on Instagram and Facebook.


COJO sustainable period brands period care brand


Besides their gorgeous packaging, COJO provides organic bamboo-pulp pads and herbal pantyliners that are home-compostable, hypoallergenic, and free of harmful chemicals. Check out COJO on Shopee or Lazada and score some eco-friendly period products.

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