6 Staples From Danica Ontengco's Closet For Style Inspo

Channel Your Inner Low-Key It-Girl With These Style Staples As Seen On Danica Ontengco

Basics are never boring.

Danica Ontengco’s got a face card that has no limit and a closet that makes every outfit a serve. Take style inspo with these items she’s been spotted loving!

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Do you ever wonder how creators and celebs look so stunning in just the simplest basics? Is it the confidence? It’s probably the confidence. Twenty-three-year old Danica Ontengco, or Danica O., is known for her chill vlogs, effortless style, and radiant aura. Her fashion is modern, minimalist, and best of all—comfortable. With her closet, Danica can go edgy, feminine, or casual-cool—a stylish versatility the new generation is fond of embracing. She looks fire in every outfit she wears, whether she’s in one of her signature white tanks or an oversized coat over a lace bra.

The creator, vlogger, and occasional actress pairs simple items with a never-declining face card and an air of confidence, her makeup always natural but striking. She opts for glitter and glam sometimes, but her off-duty casual looks are just as captivating. She’s got the effortless it-girl formula down to a T. So, whether you own the pieces below or not, take some inspiration from Danica Ontengco to be confident and look your best self in whatever you wear.


danica ontengco style inspo

A Y2K staple, a lacy or frilly camisole is making the rounds in the fashion cycle once again, and we’re kinda here for it! Honestly, in this weather, a thin sleeveless cami is a perfect airy piece. These days, you can find camis with different knit patterns, colors, and straps both in stores and at thrift shops, really solidifying their comeback.


danica ontengco style staples style inspo matching sets

Who doesn’t love a matching set? It’s like stylish pajamas. Whatever pairing the set comes in—shirt and shorts, shorts and a tank, tank and pants, pants and a jacket, jacket and a skirt—it’s perfect for those days where you don’t feel like thinking too hard about your outfit. You can even build your own. Pair the same shades with different styles and textures, like Danica’s satin tank with corduroy cargo pants, and you’re a style star.


danica ontengco style inspo slicked back hair

Not everyone enjoys the way they look with slicked-back hair, but you can’t deny the impact of an updo or ponytail with the hair slicked back. It’s sleek, it’s simple, it’s perfect for glam looks to show off the outfit or makeup—and it even works out perfectly when you feel like you’re having a bad hair day.


danica ontengco style inspo knit top

Whether you’re at brunch or at the beach, a cute crocheted top adds so much personality to an outfit. It’s breezy, it’s comfortable, and it’s totally in style. Not just a swimsuit cover-up, crochet tops can be paired with jeans, shorts, linen bottoms, and skirts—and they come in all sorts of styles and colorways. Bonus points if you know how to knit or crochet yourself!


danica ontengco fashion style inspo lace

Something about lace, particularly black lace, just adds a level of elegance and sensuality to an outfit. Danica’s lace bralette elevates the matching suit jacket and pants, and allows her to embrace her inner baddie and exude a confidence amplified by wearing the kind of fashion one loves. Lace can add so much to an outfit, and she knows how to utilize it well.


No matter how alternative you think your style is, there will always be room for a floral dress. It may be “feminine” or “too soft girl-core” for you, but a floral dress has proven time and time again that it can be styled in any number of ways and fit your persona however you see fit.

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