Here’s How To Style Sandals According To These Celebs And Content Creators

You don't have to compromise style for comfort.

What’s pambahay core when we have David Guison, Martine Ho, and more serving a sandals style guide?

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During the longest days of hustling and bustling in the busiest season, the least of your concerns should be compromising comfort for style. In the midst of chaotic schedules and endless lists of errands, it’s time to head out wearing your casual clogs and sandals. When paired with the right style staple, you’ll be looking chic all while your feet will thank you.

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, sandals have become more than just summer staples; they’re now style statements that transcend seasons. Wondering how to elevate your sandal game? Look no further than the fashion-forward cues provided by celebrities and content creators. From casual coffee dates to business meetings, these trendsetters showcase the adaptability of sandals, proving that they can effortlessly transition from everyday looks to laid-back chic.

A Comfortably Chic Summer

Jai Agpangan effortlessly embodies the essence of comfortably chic. Aside from showcasing her travel style while jet-setting around the world, the content creator ensures that her summer fashion never misses a beat. Whether she’s adorned in a sundress while watching sunsets or sporting a color-coordinated ensemble for a morning run, Jai consistently elevates her look. Even in the seemingly simple choice of sandals, she transforms her casual footwear into a bold fashion statement.

Here to Talk Business

Martine Ho and Kimi Juan show that they’re not letting office dress codes cramp their style. They defy the norm, making a bold statement that sandals can indeed mean business. With a flair for smart casuals paired with clogs and stylish sandals, these fashion content creators are redefining workplace style. So, whether your schedule is packed with back-to-back meetings or you’re running through a series of work-related errands, take a cue from these two, and embrace the confidence that comes with infusing a touch of personal style into your professional attire. After all, who says professionalism can’t be expressed through the choice of footwear?

Street Style, Always

When street style is mentioned, a specific staple comes to mind: sneakers. Well, that’s not the case for Jeff Ong, a fashion content creator who’s changing the gram game by wearing clogs to complete his daily dose of street OOTD. This distinctive preference not only distinguishes him within the crowded landscape of sneaker-clad individuals but also serves as a bold challenge to the conventional ideas of what constitutes a stylish street outfit.

The Perfect Pair for Your Coffee Date

We all agree that a stylish pair of sandals is the perfect choice for easy and everyday looks, especially for your coffee dates. Speaking of coffee spots, when David Guison isn’t on the hunt for a new cafe, he’s capturing moments with photos of his OOTDs featuring a pair of clogs. Whether they’re paired with a crisp polo or a cozy cardigan, this content creator effortlessly demonstrates that footwear can be more than just an accessory; it can be the focal point that ties together your style staples.

Wearing Sandals with Socks? Yes.

If the thought of wearing socks and sandals makes you cringe, it’s time to rethink the fashion no-no. In today’s style scene, wearing socks with your sandals has broken free from its previous status and is transcending traditional norms. It serves both comfort and style seamlessly—no need for compromise. Check out this fitspo from Kim Tapel, featuring the Birkenstock Boston paired with socks.

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