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15 Statement-Making Head-Turners At Best of TikTok PH 2023

A night to remember.

Innovative, avant-garde statement outfits graced the red carpet of the Best of TikTok PH 2023 Creators Night—and here are some of our faves.

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With avant-garde black-and-white being the central theme of the Best of TikTok PH 2023 Creators Night, we were sure to bear witness to some of the most edgy, experimental, and contemporary pieces making their way to the red carpet, donned by some of the biggest Filipino creators and artists of today. From Niana Guerrero to Eva Le Queen, attendees of the Best of TikTok PH did not disappoint with their avant-garde looks. Whether it’s sparkly, edgy, elegant, or artistic, each one surely made a statement—some of them, in literal ways.

In what might have been one of the hardest list-making efforts we embarked on (because ‘fit after ‘fit at the event was fire), we’ve curated a list of some of the most statement-making and eye-catching avant-garde looks at the Best of TikTok PH 2023 Creators Night. Check them out below.


arshie larga best of TikTok PH Creators Night 2023


One thing about pharmacist and creator Arshie Larga: he’s going to go all out. His black and white white-coat inspired patterned suit wasn’t just bold and edgy, it also championed his advocacy, written across the entire piece: Accessible Healthcare for Everyone.


sofia pablo best of TikTok PH Creators Night 2023


Young actress Sofia Pablo, 1/2 of Team Jolly along with loveteam partner Allen Ansay, won the Power Couple of the Night award at Best of TikTok PH, and looked lovely in a couture white AJ Javier dress with a full lantern skirt.


jacque manabat best of TikTok PH Creators Night 2023


When we say statement, we mean it. Seasoned journalist Jacque Manabat may have referred to herself feeling like a “Tita trying hard to fit in,” but her structured, Filipiniana-inspired piece over a sparkling white dress allowed her intentions to appear loud and clear: Defend Press Freedom. Manabat also highlighted the importance of responsible content creation especially what with the growing power of TikTok and social media.


zephanie best of TikTok PH Creators Night 2023


Young singer Zephanie’s black halter gown by Raf Galang looks simple from afar, but it’s structure, cord-embellished lace-up detail is distinctive and reminiscent of sneaker corsets and gave Zephanie an edged-up formal look perfectly in tune with her spiky hair.


niana best of TikTok PH Creators Night 2023


Dancer and content creator Niana Guerrero is all about layers, shapes, and asymmetry. Niana donned a futuristic black outfit with leather, printed, and netted details that put an avant-garde touch on casual-chic style. Niana walked the carpet with bestie AC Bonifacio, the pair making up a dynamic dancer duo—that also spontaneously performed at the event.


best of TikTok PH Creators Night 2023


Speaking of AC, she’s no stranger to modern, contemporary outfits. She’s proven she’s a style chameleon over the years. Her red hair and microbangs absolutely stood out with her edgy, all-black, one-shoulder RAFGLNG zippered ensemble topped off with a lip piercing. Serving tough-girl realness.


Sustainable fashion advocate Yael Arevalo used recycled material for his Best of TikTok PH Creators Night outfit—but it’s not just garment material. Designer Iyahn Brizuela used chains, circuit boards, and wires to put together an electric, futuristic statement outfit that paid homage to Yael’s first content on TikTok about electronics engineering.


eva le queen best of TikTok PH Creators Night 2023


The drag queen looked spectacularly red-hot in a bejeweled-tassel red and black gown that was as fiery as her hair and her performance at the event.


The content creator and actor looked both classy and modern in this whimsical, high-contrast black and white Sam Rivera dress with a hoop structure and dangling bows that was reminiscent of a graceful, Chandelure-esque design.


Davao Conyo, or Philip Te Hernandez, repped sustainable and mindful fashion brand REPAMANA as he wore their Badong Shirt, a polo shirt made from upcycled bedsheets.


Drag Race Philippines Season 2 winner Captivating Katkat, along with her fellow Top 4 queens Arizona Brandy, Bernie, and M1ss Jade So, had a queen-off as they graced the carpet in sparkling, avant-garde outfits that catered to each of their unique styles.


yeng constantino best of TikTok PH Creators Night 2023


The songstress brought some edge to the party in a PAXON ensemble full of sharp lines and points, contrast stitching, and loosely-woven material. The intentional, “unfinished” look of the garments, what with its hanging strings, was truly artistic.


bea borres best of TikTok PH Creators Night 2023


Bea Borres’ bejeweled Malick Hilado acrylic top and headpiece paired with a slinky, structured black skirt and elbow-length gloves gave off deep-sea goddess vibes but with a hint of fun, and was perfectly avant-garde.


miko esjay best of TikTok PH Creators Night 2023


In a similar vein to Bea Borres (they even posted a photo together on her Instagram Story that night, their outfits complimentary), the content creator served in a mermaid-out-of-water ensemble inspired by her genderfluid identity. The water-like top piece sculpture from Rafa Worlwide looked just like sea glass, giving Miko an ethereal, water goddess look.


spencer serafica best of TikTok PH Creators Night 2023


Spencer Serafica paired his glamorous black-and-white outfit with hair and face bedazzlements and a glammed-up broom and dustpan, in reference to his content on TikTok. He jokingly swept the red carpet during his appearance. Spencer cleaned up well—literally.

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