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9 Head-Turners at The TikTok Awards PH 2022

"Ano mararating mo sa kaka-Tiktok mo?"

The dress code was pink and blue, and these personalities did not disappoint.

Just when you thought you couldn’t jump start your dream career through what they call a “clock app,” the TikTok Awards PH 2022 is proof. Sure, it started out as a platform for dancers and singers, but it then evolved into an educational, creative, and all out entertaining place for people to show their passions. Some of those who rose to fame already have careers beyond their 15-second videos, just goes to show that you’ve ought to make the most out of the spotlight.

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We were ecstatic to see some of our favorite stars at the recent TikTok Awards PH 2022 wearing nothing but pink and blue to celebrate their 2nd run. Remember when Niana Guerrero channeled Billie Eilish last year at the red carpet? This year, a lot of content creators didn’t come to play. See who made it to the list below.


Niana Guerrero certainly isn’t feeling blue with her metallic, 90s-inspired outfit that reminds us of TLC, especially with her tracksuit.


Ladies and gentlemen, presenting one of thr P-Pop groups of the year. Everything about BINI at the red carpet is just perfect. From their pink and denim outfits to their matching eye makeup.


Our favorite school boy, Esnyr Ranollo, just bagged two major awards during the night—Popular Creator of The Year and Content Creator of the Year. Yes, he’s that guy who covers his face with a handkerchief on your FYP hence the colorful bandana-printed suit!


These two just keep on setting the place on fire wherever they go. At the TikTok Awards 2022, Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi had a quick change from their all pink outfits that gave us Barbie and Ken vibes to their ultra shimmery performance looks.


As one of the presenters of the night, Miguel Tanfelix wore a cool and classy suit in bubblegum pink at the TikTok Awards 2022.


Awra channeling Kim Kardashian’s pink Balenciaga outfit was too bomb at the red carpet—even the signature contour with a K was on point.


You better watch out for P-Pop girl group RRules, because they’re always red carpet-ready. Now where can we get Risa’s pink rhinestone bra top?


VXON may be rookies, but they step up their style game every single time. It’s the tiny details like the body chains that show how unafraid they are when it comes to exploring fashion.


Aside from making Filipino prints look cooler, we love to see ALAMAT nailing their street style. The boys wore embroidered coordinates, oversized suits with cut-outs and tinted shades.