Start Your 2023 Right With January’s Must-See New Movies And Shows

Find your next favorite title.

From FranSeth’s debut in Dirty Linen, a SUPER JUNIOR documentary, The Last of Us TV adaptation, and more, we’ve got a round-up of January 2023’s new movies and shows.

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With the arrival of a new year means twelve months of brand new stories, tales, and narratives in the realm of movies and TV shows. Already, January 2023 looks to get the ball rolling with an interesting selection of titles from a variety of genres. Get that 2023 watchlist started with the a fresh batch of must-see new movies and series.


Kaleidoscope centers on a group of thieves planning a heist in the billions of dollars that, surprise, surprise, doesn’t go as expected. But before you dismiss this series as yet another show of the genre, know that it stands out from the crowd with the fact that you can watch it in any order you like. Each of the eight episodes are named after the colors of a kaleidoscope and viewers have the liberty to go in the order they like. You can do it in chronological order (the series uses time jumps), by what order Netflix presents you, or whatever floats your boat. Start your 2023 with a unique viewing experience as you can stream the show now on Netflix.


A crime-thriller starring Christian Bale? You got our attention. This Netflix film stars the acclaimed actor as a detective in the 1800s assigned to investigate a killing in an army camp. But when the cadets prove to be less than helpful, the detective joins forces with none other than a young Edgar Allan Poe to get to the bottom of what’s shaping up to be a dark mystery. The movie streams on Netflix this January 6.  


Move over Chucky, there’s a new demented doll in town, and her name is Megan. Horror movies are starting off strong this 2023 with this already viral movie about a young girl who uses an advanced android doll to cope with the loss of her parents. While they do form a bond, it turns out that Megan has a few screws lose in her that will lead to some bloody situations. Aside from her dance skills making the rounds on social media, the trailers so far make the movie look interesting and suspense. So, we’re hopeful that the film is as good as her dancing. M3GAN backflips its way onto local cinemas this January 8.


We got another musical biopic on our way, and it spotlights none other than Whitney “The Voice” Houston. Naomi Ackie brings the legend to life on screen in a film that narrates Whitney’s meteoric rise in fame to her tragic loss all while flexing her iconic vocals. Early reviews so far have been promising so Whitney and music fans should keep the movie on their radar. The film arrives in local cinemas on January 8.


The series adaptation of the seminal classic video game is finally here. Starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, the story takes place 20 years after a brain-altering called the Cordyceps infection, ravaged modern civilization and turned the U.S. under the control of the police and military. A paramilitary group called Fireflies is then established with the goal of restoring a lawful government. Fireflies then hire Joel to smuggle the 14-year-old girl Ellie, who seems to be immune to the virus, out of a quarantine zone in a cross-country journey in the hopes of creating a cure. What follows is a heartbreaking journey as Joel and Ellie depend on each other for survival.

Anyone who’s familiar with the game knows that this series has gigantic shoes to fill but given the cast and crew involved, we’re hopeful it can meet those lofty expectations in what could be the first big series of 2023. The show premieres on HBO Max on January 15.


2023 has a few high-profile Wattpad adaptions coming our way. And up first is this collaboration between Wattpad WEBTOON Studios and GMA-7.Based on the novel of the same name, Luv Is centers on Florence and Nero. Florence leaves behind her home to take care of family. She finds refuge and work in the home Don Ferrell where she serves as a family cook. There, she meets his grandsons, with one in particular, Nero, catching Florence’s eye. What follows is a charming tale of two people from opposite ends finding love all while trying to maintain a power dynamic when in school.

The series will be led by up and coming love team Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay, also known as Team Jolly. Sofia is playing Florence while Allen is playing Nero. They will be joined by other members of the Sparkada in the cast. The series actually marks the first time Sofia and Allen are starring in a series as leads to fans won’t want to miss this. After initially being slated for a 2022 release, the show is finally set to premiere this January 16 on GMA.


2022 was a great year for Filipinos in international movies (see Dolly de Leon and Brandon Perea among others). And 2023 looks to continue that success with more local stars going international. First up is Chai Fonacier who joins Mark Strong and Eva Green in Lorcan Finnegan’s latest psychological thriller, Nocebo. Set between London and Manila, Nocebo follows the story of a fashion designer (Green) suffering from a mysterious illness that confuses her doctors and frustrates her husband (Strong).

She hires a Filipino caregiver (Fonacier) who then helps her through traditional Filipino folk healing, but in the process also reveals a horrifying truth. Taking inspiration from the local albularyos or faith healers and barang, which is a form of sorcery or witchcraft, Nocebo is already giving us the chills. See how this story unfolds when the movie screens in local cinemas beginning January 18.  


K-pop boy group SUPER JUNIOR has rightfully earned its place in the halls of K-pop history. And with the group turning 18 years old, a new documentary is dropping that should be on the radar for any E.L.F. The documentary is set to chart the groups journey from their humble beginnings to historic rise as one of K-pop greats all while treating viewers to never-before-seen clips, footage, and interviews. Catch this on Disney+ beginning January 18,


It’s only January yet horror is already off to a strong start this 2023. Junji Ito is a master of horror and for the first time, his spine-tingling works are hitting the small screen in this series adaption from Netflix. This animated anthology is set to bring to life a selection of some of Ito’s most iconic work that will have you looking over your shoulder. Delve into these macabre tales when the show drops on Netflix on January 19.


Add some sci-fi action to your watchlist with this South Korean space epic starring Kang Doo-yeon and Kim Hyun-joo. Set in the 22nd century, this movie is set in an earth that’s too inhospitable to live in due to climate change. Because of that, humanity is sequestered into select safe zones. But all is not well as war rages on. In order to assure victory and save humanity, legendary mercenary Jung E is brought back to life in the form of a cyborg. The film streams on Netflix beginning January 20.


There’s just something about Filipino teleseryes and revenge plots that just scratches that itch. And ABS-CBN’s newest series Dirty Linen is looking to do just that. The series shifts into high-gear following the killing of a worker named Olivia (played by Golden Globe nominee Dolly de Leon) by the eminent Fero clan. What follows is a vicious and redemptive cycle of revenge and deception. The murder then fuels the life purpose of Olivia’s daughter (Janine Gutierrez), as she stops at nothing to exact retribution, even if this means working for the same powerful family her mother has worked for.

Starring a stacked cast that includes Gutierrez, Zanjoe Marudo, John Arcilla, Janice De Belen, Angel Aquino, Tessie Tomas, Epy Quizon, Francine Diaz, and Seth Fedelin (which marks their first time as a love team), Dirty Linen has all the makings for the newest teleserye binge. The series premieres on ABS-CBN this January 23.


Teen Wolf fans rejoice! One of our favorite lycans of the 2010s is back in this long-awaited movie continuation. Tyler Posey is back as Scott McCall as he steps up to the plate once more when a new evil is looking to destroy Beacon Hills. Join the wolves as they howl again when the movie begins streaming on Paramount+ this January 26.  


If there’s something we can all use a lot more of this 2023 is good vibes. And we seem to be getting that in You People. Featuring a powerhouse cast that includes Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, this comedy centers on a new couple looking to live their lives as they deal with society’s expectations of them. The film streams on Netflix on January 27.


The following shows aren’t new. But they are premiering new seasons that should be on your radar. The Way of the House Husband Season 2 (January 1), Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 (January 4), RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 (January 6), Servant Season 4 (January 13), The Legend of Vox Machinca Season 2 (January 20), Record of Ragnarök Season 2 (January 26).

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