They Got Game: 8 Stars Who Were Varsity Players In School

They're in the pro leagues.

From Donny Pangilinan, Bretman Rock, and more, these stars’ talents also extend to their varsity-level skills. 

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When you make it to a varsity team in school, it’s undoubtedly a big moment. Not only does it signify that you excel in the chosen sport, but you also get to represent your school in competitions. That’s peak physical prowess right there and a sign that a career in sports could be on the horizon. And while these following stars eventually ended up on the path to showbiz, they all exhibited athletic excellence when they were part of a varsity team in their alma mater. Talented and athletic? It’s the best of both worlds. Scroll down for a list of celebs who got that varsity team inclusion in their resumes.


Donny Pangilinan

Donny playing a basketball team captain in He’s Into Her felt correct given what he used to do when he was a student in Brent. Donny was a part of the school’s basketball varsity team where he was a small forward for Brent International School. To this day, you can still see how basketball remains a strong suit of the A-list star.


Not only does Cassy serve in her acting roles, but she also serves on the volleyball court, literally. Cassy has been playing volleyball since she was 12 years old and even made it on her school’s volleyball varsity team. And while her athlete days are behind her, that doesn’t mean she forgot her skills, which she showed off as she donned her jersey once more for the NCAA Season 98 All-Star Games.


David Licauco

If life worked differently, we would have seen David Licauco be a professional basketball player instead of an actor. When he was younger, David’s dream was to be a pro baller, and he was on his way to get there as a member of the Benilde Blazers. And while his career has taken David on a different path, his love for basketball is still there.


Bretman Rock

From penning a chart-topping autobiography to slaying as one of Bench’s newest ambassadors, Bretman Rock can do it all. And that includes winning on the track field. Before Bretman became the social media superstar we all know and love, they was a part of their school’s track and field team when Bretman was in the fifth grade. In case you didn’t know, Bretman is actually quite athletic so them being a top sprinter shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s come in handy when Bretman needs to chase after his chickens.


Lance Carr

Recently, Lance made headlines when he graduated from Ateneo de Davao University with a degree in Communication, cum laude, and a Blue Knight Award. But what makes the feat even more impressive is that the former Pinoy Big Brother Otso housemate was also part of the school’s basketball varsity team. Graduating with honors, being part of the varsity team, and having an active acting career? Talk about multitasking.


Angel Locsin

From Darna to The General’s Daughter, Angel Locsin always delivers with action roles. And that physical prowess can partially come from the fact that she was a champion athlete during her high school days. When she was in UST high school, Angel was a member of their varsity swimming team and even got to compete internationally. In 1998, Angel even bagged an NCR record in breaststroke. Icon behavior.


Paolo Pangilinan

While cheer squads are technically there to support the varsity teams and boost the audience’s mood, what they do is not easy. It takes talent and determination to do all those jumps, splits, and choreography, something that Paolo Pangilinan has in droves. Back when he was a student at UP Diliman, Paolo was a member of the UP Pep Squad and even bagged 2nd place at the UAAP Cheerdance competition in 2014. Later on, Paolo would cartwheel his way into an acting career.


Enchong Dee

While Enchong Dee has made a name for himself in acting, there was a time when he ruled the swimming pool. When he was in college, the actor was a member of the DLSU Men’s swimming team and had a pretty good run as an athlete. Seven gold medals, championship placements, and participation at the SEA and Asian Games are just some of the achievements Enchong got as a student swimmer in the late 2000s.

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