Just Like You, These Stars And Personalities Are Back To Face-To-Face Classes Again

Secure that degree.

Despite their busy schedules and the pressures of a public career, these stars made time for their face-to-face classes.

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This past August saw millions of students around the country return to schools once more with the reimplementation of face-to-face classes. It was welcome news for many as students finally left the confines of their home with online learning and went back to in-person school. And among many students who are finally back in classrooms, that also includes a few celebrities and personalities. Even with their busy showbiz and public careers, these stars still find the time to juggle all that and with their studies.

Just like many students, these stars have made their way back to the classroom as they further pursue their education and get that degree. And really, at the end of the day, they remind us that we are all the same and are happy to finally be back on school grounds. Here are just some local stars and personalities who are taking face-to-face classes.  


If you thought that being a P-pop idol will have you set for the rest of your life, you thought wrong. Even your fave idols are prioritizing their education. One such idol is BGYO’s Akira who, along with BINI’s Aiah, recently began school at Enderun. And not only are they students at the prestigious college, they also received a full scholarship. Akira is currently taking up a degree in Multimedia Arts and has plans on getting that degree and finishing his studies.


Like Akira, BINI’s Aiah is another student at Enderun with a full scholarship. She and Akira were actually one of the five artists from Star Magic who received a scholarship to Enderun college after they passed the exam. P-pop idols with talent, smarts, and character, we love to see it. Aiah’s acceptance feels even better knowing that she considers Enderun as her dream school. As you can expect, Aiah and Akira being classmates has led to some playful banter between the two though it indeed is interesting if one of your classmates was a P-pop idol. But so far, being a P-pop idol in college seems to be quite fun.


Even if you are one of the biggest stars of the new generation, that shouldn’t stop you from getting that degree. This is something Francine Diaz knows as despite her A-list status, she currently attends Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU) for senior high school. And just recently, Francine was able to attend in-person classes for the first time like the proud student that she is. Get that degree Chin!


With the return of face-to-face classes comes the fact that millions are finally returning to in-person learning. For others though, this will be the first time they will be learning inside the classroom. For Kendra Kramer, she’s part of the latter. After four years of homeschooling, the future style star recently began in-person classes this school year. And with the way her mom says it, the starlet seems more than ready for the new beginning.


As Ateneo De Manila University opened their campus once more for in-person classes, they welcomed students back on school grounds. And that includes Gwy Saludes. The author and occasional musician is currently taking up a major in BS Legal Management at Ateneo with the goal of potential pursuing a law degree. She has taken to social media, especially TikTok, to document her time on to the campus. Now that Gwy is in school now, it may give her new inspiration for her stories.


A rising career in showbiz, which includes more acting projects and endorsements shoots, isn’t enough to stop Angelina Cruz from getting that degree. Just recently, the young star, who has consistently received high marks in her classes, began face-to-face classes in De Lasalle University where she currently is a sophomore.


YouTuber Bella Racelis graduated high school in 2020, which means that she wasn’t able to experience an in-person graduation or start her college journey on campus. So, with the return of face-to-face classes, Bella is definitely making the most of the return considering that she moved in a condo with her sister so she can be near her college, De La Salle University. And by the way, her dorm tour is quite relatable and feels like what a normal college student’s dorm would look like.


Aside from being a P-pop idol and a member of one of the biggest P-pop group’s in the country, MNL48’s Jaime is also a college student. In fact, she only get to visit her campus, De La Salle University, as a student for the first time this year only. The 2nd generation member is currently a sophomore taking a degree in Psychology.


Gaia Polyhymnia, or also known as Gaia Poly, has built a following on TikTok thanks to her funny and relatable skits and videos about daily life. And among the topics she covers, that include school as the TikTok creator is also a Psychology major at National University. On her social media, Gaia has shared often hilarious clips of her life as a student, especially now that it’s back to face-to-face classes.


With the return of face-to-face classes, thousands of students maybe experiencing in-person classes for the first time. It’s a moment that can both be exciting and nerve-wrecking. This is something Leon Barretto knows all as the second year student began his first ever in-person college classes this 2022.

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