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Something Fishy: Is The New Netflix Documentary, Seaspiracy, Worth Your Time?

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but not for long.

Much talked about on social media and a chart-topper on the plane of Netflix, is the sea-focused documentary, Seaspiracy, worth 1 hour and 29 minutes of your life? Or is it just another fish story?


From the makers of Cowspiracy comes Seaspiracy, a documentary that aims to shed some light on the darkest secrets of the fishing industry. Directed by Ali Tabrizi and produced by Kip Andersen, they swim through dangerous waters (quite literally) in the hopes of providing more information on why, to this day, we are still not making progress in protecting our waters and the living creatures in it. Their quest brings them all around the globe—Scandinavia, Africa, France, Japan, and Hong Kong, following the money trail paved with corruption, abuse, and complicity. 

While the case of sensationalized journalism in the context of this undertaking, which furthered the polarizing and controversial discussion, needs to be considerably toned down, especially when there are agencies and organizations actively working to, well, save the seas. However, despite the concern from the material of Seaspiracy, here are some of the things to be realized from the film:

For someone living in an archipelago, learning about the bodies of water and how to protect them is mandatory 

Yes, we were taught in school what these are, and Google is always there to teach you which is which. Heck, all of us may also have seen that video showing a turtle with a straw in its nostril at this point. Now, while lessening our plastic use maybe a drop in the ocean, maybe it is time that we re-examine how we consume the earth’s limited resources. 

We have to protect our ocean (and our territory)

Have you ever really wondered why a lot of countries would like to be our boss or our friend? With 7100++ islands comes a wide range of land, water, plants, and animals at our (and their) disposal. In a time when the world’s population is increasing as the supply of resources decline, it is no surprise that our “hospitality” should be toned down a bit in order to preserve our sovereignty and our resources. 

Make informed decisions.

After watching Seaspiracy, you may choose to not support fishing altogether, or at least for a while. What we do ask you to do is to read and research more about the topics raised by the documentary: fish farm slavery, overfishing, commercial whaling, and global warming. Recommendations include Blackfish, The Cove, and Food Inc.   

Whether you like Seaspiracy or you feel that Ali Tabrizi just opened a can of worms for the mere sake of, we feel that it is time for us to watch this film with an open mind. Hopefully, this will help you see food in a different light.

Dive deep and see things for yourself with Seaspiracy, which is now streaming on Netflix.