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Slay Your Lash Care Game With These Easy Tips

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Whether it’s to protect your eyes or bat them at your secret crush, here are some ways to maximize your lash care game.

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The appearance of full, curled lashes is every beauty enthusiast’s dream. Some of us are born with it, while some of us need extra help to achieve the wide awake look (especially when you have to show up to work after binging your favorite drama the night before). We’ve compiled a list of tips to help give your natural lashes a fighting chance.

Proper Cleansing

This is especially true for the makeup lovers out there, the first step to ensuring healthy lashes is making sure that your lash line and lids are clean at the end of every day. If you wear mascara, falsies, or lash extensions, extra care is needed to ensure that those areas are cleansed at the end of the day to give room to breathe. Additionally, the eye area is extremely sensitive and you want to give it every chance to be as healthy as possible and avoid infection. 

Getting Enough Sleep

This one’s for all the low maintenance guys and gals out there. You’ll be happy to know that another method for helping your lashes grow that doesn’t require additional effort or steps in your nightly routine is: sleeping! Not only is getting your daily 6-8 hours good for your overall wellbeing, it’s when your body releases the growth hormones needed for restoration and regeneration. So take that nap, guilt-free! 

Silk Sleeping Masks

Not only will a sleeping mask help improve the overall quality of your sleep (by providing a dark environment that will help you become sleepy easily), it can help protect your lashes as you sleep and even help train them to curl up naturally. Just make sure that the fabric that is being used is something gentle to both your lashes and your skin. Silk as a material for this and for hair bonnets is growing in popularity for this exact reason, but find what works for you.

Use Special Oils

Don’t underestimate the power of natural oils in helping to encourage lash growth. A popular and common choice that you can easily find in drugstores is Castor Oil. Another option is Coconut Oil, which is said to potentially improve your lashes’ thickness and fullness as opposed to length. Just remember to exercise caution and stop immediately if any irritation occurs. 

Brush Those Lashes

Even if they’re tiny, eyelashes are basically hair. They may grow extremely slowly, but the types of follicles that house them are similar to the type on your head. So stimulating the hairs by brushing should help them grow, even if it’s not that obvious. Any random, clean spoolie will work for this. Just gently brush from root to tip the way you would when brushing your own hair.

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