Sharlene San Pedro’s Career Evolution: From Goin Bulilit Cast Member To Full-Fledged Star

Sharlene said versatility.

Whether a child star or a young adult actress, trust that Sharlene San Pedro will bring it to the table.

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Longevity in the Philippine entertainment industry is not always an easy thing to achieve. After all, the industry can be a fickle place where, one day, you’re the hottest thing in town, and the next, people are looking for the next big thing. This is why it’s impressive how Sharlene San Pedro has managed to stay on everyone’s lips since 2005. To have a successful career for nearly two decades is no easy feat, and it can be attributed to Sharlene’s knack for taking on a diverse set of roles that span the gamut of comedy, drama, horror, and more. Let’s take a look at some of her career highlights.  


Technically, Sharlene San Pedro’s career began after competing in Star Circle Quest and being cast as the young Faith/Tala in Krystala. However, it was when Sharlene was included in the first batch of Goin’ Bulilit that her star truly shined. As one of the OG cast members, Sharlene was a constant presence on our screens every weekend for nearly six years. Her acting and comedic timing were on point and signaled that a new star was on the rise.


Sharlene wasn’t even 18 yet, and already, she was the lead star of her teleseryes on primetime. From Calla Lily to Mga Angel na Walang Langit and the 2007 series adaption of Princess Sarah where she played the iconic Sarah Crewe, Sharlene was getting those TV credits before she turned 10. And this is on top of her other guest appearances, such as playing a young Lyka Raymundo in Lobo.  


While most may know Sharlene as a comedic star, one thing that sticks out about the actress and gamer is how she has bagged quite a few horror roles over the years. Her first and one of her most significant is playing Sophie in Jun Robles Lana’s Mag-ingat Ka Sa… Kulam in 2008. It was her first-ever movie role, and already, she starred opposite Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillio and Dennis Trillo where the two played her parents. No big deal.   


It’s no secret that Sharlene San Pedro can deliver heavy dramas. And one of her most acclaimed performances to date was when she starred in the 2012 MMK episode, T-Shirt. It should be noted that this was just a year after she left Goin’ Bulilit and she took on the role of Gigi, a teenage girl working as a maid who gets assaulted by her employer, resulting her in becoming a teenage mom. For her moving and riveting performance, she was nominated for Best Actress in a Lead-Drama Role at the 17th Asian Television Awards.


Looking back, Luv U was an important program as every weekend, the show aired stories that touched upon themes and issues related to the youth. And one star who helped lead the way was Sharlene, who was cast as Shirley Bernardo in season two of the show in 2013. She proved to be popular, both as a character and with a love team with Jairus Aquino, staying on until the show’s conclusion in 2016. This was Sharlene’s first major TV role since leaving Goin’ Bulilit in 2011 and proved to audiences that she was a teen star. It was also in 2013 that she was cast as Lavinia in KathNiel’s first-ever movie, Must Be Love.


And here we are today, as Sharlene, now in her 20s, is still going strong as she takes on roles that showcase her talent, depth, and years of experience in the industry. There’s 2020’s highly-underrated series Unconditional, a drama about four siblings dealing with the sudden loss of their parents. And in 2023, Sharlene got social media talking as she played her first-ever mistress role, the K-culture-obsessed Moon Young, in the acclaimed Prime Video original, Ten Little Mistresses.


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