sharlene san pedro goin' bulilit

Here’s Proof That Sharlene San Pedro Is Still The Same Girl From Goin’ Bulilit

She hasn't changed ever since.

Even years later, Sharlene San Pedro’s still wearing the same hairstyles, accessories, and even down to the poses.

While Sharlene San Pedro will never confirm nor deny the ~sumasapaw~ allegations as told by her cheeky moment in Goin’ Bulilit, we’re sure as hell she knows how to own the spotlight. She grew up in front of the camera, so you can be sure that her NYLON Manila cover was a breeze to shoot. It’s almost like watching your younger sibling grow into maturity to say the least (😭). Below, we’ve listed down clear evidence that Sharlene San Pedro is still the same person as she was once.

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That glow-up though! She even wore a similar beaded necklace from her Goin’ Bulilit days.


Princess Sarah may have been a nostalgic TV series, but Sharlene channeled royalty (and had fun!) during her NYLON Manila shoot.


Remember when Sharlene did a skit on GoinBulilit as Korina Sanchez?


Her facial structure’s always been an asset.


During the shoot, Sharlene jokingly said to her outfit as that of a new born baby’s. And she’s right!

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