Ranking Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme’s Episodes From Least To Most Butthole-Clenching

Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?

The latest entry of the Shake Rattle & Roll franchise did not disappoint when it came to even more gory haunts for the holidays.

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Slight spoilers for Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme ahead. 

While the holidays are the perfect time for Christmas movies, the season has also been known as the stomping ground for the Shake Rattle & Roll film series. The storied horror franchise has been scarring generations of Filipino movie-goers, often as part of the MMFF line-up. This year, it’s back for a new set of scares with Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme. And while the film did not make it to this year’s MMFF, that didn’t stop it from serving a scary romp with its release at the end of November. 

So, does the movie live up to its extreme moniker? Short answer, yes, it does. Bringing together Jerrold Tarog, Joey De Guzman, and Richard V. SomesIt, the movie is unapologetically violent that doesn’t resort to cheap tricks to scare the audience. It’s a bloody good time as each of the three new episodes gives us new tales to have you on the edge of your seat, some doing it better than others. Scroll down for our ranking of how each episode stacks up to each other with how intense they can be. 




Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme’s first episode is also its weakest, though it is far from bad. The vignette follows a single mother, her two kids, and her yaya who experience a haunting after her young daughter inadvertently welcomes a goat demon into their home following a demented video she watches on her tablet. Premise-wise, Glitch shines with how it touches upon the idea of “Lost Media” and creepypastas of dark web videos with sinister origins. 

The demon manifesting itself as a goat and host of a children’s show is inherently creepy. But it falters when it moves into more generic and predictable haunted house territory. However, it does feature a knockout performance from Iza Calzado, who radiates the best kind of final girl energy when she realizes what kind of trouble her family is in. And a death scene involving a sampayan is one of the most memorable of the entire movie. It’s an overall good episode that doesn’t take full advantage of its interesting premise. 




The zombie survival story has been done to death so many times in horror movies. But Rage, the last episode of Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme, tries to differentiate itself by centering on an interterrestrial virus. After a meteor crashes in the Philippines, people are suddenly filled with rage and turn violent after a parasite from the meteor infects them. 

This is where we find our core team of heroes who are caught in the madness while in the province. Instead of being mindless zombies looking for a snack, those infected by the virus can wield weapons as they focus on the sole goal of killing people, making the premise even more demented than it already is. This romp across town is a violent, visceral, and gory mess in all the right ways. It’s beyond thrilling.

Also, Jane de Leon shines here as the best part of the episode. She already proved her action chops in Darna, and she’s even more of a badass in Rage. From the more dramatic moments to the intense danger of survival, she delivers and then some, as exemplified by the crowd-roaring scene involving her and a chainsaw. It would make Ash Williams proud. If this was her audition to star in her very own horror movie, she’s got the role. 

If anything, Rage stumbles with how it quickly moves through interesting concepts, such as the story of the barangay captain, and ends on a predictable note. If Rage were turned into a series, we’d watch because it introduces concepts worth exploring and fleshing out. Overall, a tense ride that will have you gripping your seat most of the time. 



They say save the best for last. But in Shake Rattle & Roll Extereme’s case, they saved it for the middle. Playing on today’s social media trends, clout chasing, content collaborations, and the pursuit of virality, Mukbang follows a group of popular influencers as they spend a few nights in a mansion at the behest of its owners to do collabs to boost their following. But their mukbang turns into a nightmare when they realize the horrors hiding inside the house. 

In everything this episode does right, it shines with how it manages to balance comedy and horror. The story has some hilarious lighthearted moments, as seen with the scene-stealing banter of Esnyr (the lowkey standout of the cast) and AC Bonifacio, who play popular content creators from opposite ends of the social spectrum. A shoutout also goes to Ninong Ry, who is so badass here. 

Meanwhile, the premise of Mukbang is so dark-sided that it’s enough to leave jaws on the floor and smiles on the faces of horror aficionados. Equal parts unserious and perverted, the episode is a crowd-pleaser and highkey worth the price of admission alone. It’s a mukbang we never want to be invited to but had us clenching the entire time. 

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