SB19 Time Traveled To The 80s And 90s In Their Comeback Photos

Are you ready for their comeback?

SB19’s getting bolder with their fashion choices and we’re here for it.

When SB19 started, they’ve shared countless times that they didn’t have glam team, nor did they have a stylist. They would only borrow each other’s clothes, most of which were thrifted. Years later, they’re now the biggest P-Pop act in the country, performing in international stages, and now embarking on a world tour. This meant exhausting hours of training, breaking down and burn outs, but growth without pain just doesn’t make sense.

When their music evolved, so did their style. We’ve seen the boys of SB19 in almost everything—streetwear, utilitarian, and even skirts! But for their new concept photos lensed by Shaira Luna and styled by Mark Ranque, teasing their comeback song, Where You At or (WYAT), we were surprised to see the P-Pop group in oversized suits and 90s-inspired looks that referenced famous boy bands. See how they got down and dressed up below.

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It’s surprising that it’s the first time we’ve seen SB19 in a 90s-inspired set of looks that were reminiscent of boy bands like N’Sync or even the popular cast of local sitcom G-Mik (starring heartthrobs like Carlo Aquino, John Prats, and Danilo Barrios). The boys were in overalls, color-blocked shirts, and even the head band that’s the ultimate signifier of a 90s bad boy.


For their second concept photo, SB19 wore oversized suits (with power shoulders, of course) that made them look like young CEOs or mafia bosses. But in the music world, their outfits reminded of 80s band, Duran Duran who were known for their color-coordinated suits.

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