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SB19 Looked Like Real Life Princes At The TikTok Awards PH 2021

SB19 serving visuals once again.

SB19 brought their A-Game as they bagged Top Celebrity at the TikTok Awards PH.

What a year it has been for the boys of SB19. We can only wonder how it must feel like waking up each day, being surprised with awards for recognizing your hard work. And to think that none of them realized they would even make it this far as a group. But that’s probably the key to SB19’s enormous success and why most people can relate to them—not only for the aspiring musicians, but also to anyone who dreams big. With all their grit and passion, it came as no surprise that they would win Top Celebrity at the TikTok Awards Philippines. One look at them and you already know they brought their A-Game.

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Presenting, The Fresh Princes of Manila. You know it’s about to go down whenever stylist Mark Ranque and SB19 team up. We don’t know how the boys continue to effortlessly nail each look, but we’re definitely here for their style evolution.


The leader of SB19 debuts his new look as he arrived at the TikTok Awards PH. We’ve seen him in a bowl cut, a mullet, long hair with blonde streaks, but we’re digging his slicked back half and half hairstyle that mirrors his suit. The two-toned metallic suit was also made by stylist Mark Ranque, making sure that the tailoring on Pablo was on point.


When you look at the lead rapper’s suit from afar, you’d think he was only wearing a silver suit. But up close, you can see the detailed embellishments that are etched like reflections of a diamond. The subtle smokey eye, diamond choker and earring, and his chunky boots tied Josh’s dashing look.


Stell did whatever he had to do when he walked at the TikTok Awards PH. Wearing a blue and yellow graphic suit from head to toe isn’t easy to pull off, but Stell proves that his visuals remain dominant. The shoulder pads that were perfect for his frame, the necktie and the blue glittery eyeshadow that makeup artist Mac Igarta applied on him were all eye-catching details.


Ken obviously has an obsession for all things Japanese and he didn’t miss with the suit he wore at the TikTok Awards PH. SB19’s lead vocalist wore a sleek version of a kimono as a suit, which probably explains the stunning floral prints and the cinched waist. We also love how he kept it cool with his grown-out mullet and deep brown eyeshadow.


The only thing that came to our mind when we saw this look? Justin as the Coffee Prince. SB19’s creative director kept in mind every detail when he wore this suit at the TikTok Awards PH. From the side braids, the ruby-stoned rings and earrings he chose because of his birthstone, to the necktie and full suit that lengthened his frame, Justin looked sharp and dressed to the nines.

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