RINI Had The Most Filipino Homecoming With His Family Printing A Tarpaulin With His Face On It

It was serious for RINI's family.

You know you’ve made it as a Filipino when your family gives you the classic tarpaulin treatment.

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You’ve seen it on street corners, graduations, movies, and TV shows. Whenever a member of the family achieves a milestone in life, one of the main ways Filipino families celebrate is by printing out a tarpaulin with their face on it. Few things scream Filipino celebration quite like a tarpaulin hung outside a home celebrating someone’s graduation, exam passing, and the like. Even a rising global star like RINI has had a tarpaulin celebration.

RINI, who was born and raised in Manila, made his long-awaited homecoming to the Philippines with his concert at Samsung Hall last July. And you bet his family was out in full force to welcome him home. Not only did his family show up to the concert wearing matching t-shirts, but they also printed a tarpaulin with his face on it that was then hung at his lola’s parlor.

“It was really heartwarming and it reminded me of my life back share,” he says about the love he got from his family. Such is the life of an R&B star making moves on the world stage but still keeping his roots close to his heart.


RINI came from humble beginnings and had his whole life uprooted when he and his parents moved to Melbourne, Australia when he was just a kid. But this move would soon open the doors for the young immigrant to develop into the musician he would eventually become. It was this story that made him perfect as our August 2023 digital cover star.

“It’s my first creative direction ever for a shoot, so at first I was really nervous on how this would come to life. But working with the team, where everyone is very collaborative, the RINI shoot became easy, efficient, and fun which resulted on our output, looks fire,” shares the shoot’s creative director, Gelo Quijencio. “RINI is very easy to work with as he is willing to try different concept he hasn’t done before. Overall, it was very fun experience as we show RINI in a global scene.”

And it was this image that RINI shared in the latest edition of Seated with NYLON Manila. For the second episode of our podcast series, Ayn Bernos sits down with the R&B creative as he looks back on his big, bold, brave story. From learning how to play the guitar, to busking on the streets of Melbourne, before eventually performing his music around the world, RINI brings his story to the forefront and delves into how he made his dreams come true.

Watch the full episode featuring RINI below or on Spotify. Also, catch RINI’s Fashion Film and behind-the-scenes looks into how the cover shoot came to be on our YouTube channel.


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