Watch: Get Seated For Nadine Lustre’s Big, Bold, Brave Story

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On the premiere episode of our newly-launched podcast series, Seated with NYLON Manila, Nadine Lustre opens up about the big, bold, and brave moves in her life.

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You probably know who Nadine Lustre is by now. For nearly a decade and counting, the star has remained relevant and a Pinoy pop culture icon thanks in no small part to her acting roles, badass personality, unwavering environmentalism, and much more. With so many people talking about her, it seems that Nadine’s life is common knowledge from front to back. But her story still has pages to be told as, while you may know Nadine the superstar, there are more sides to this multihyphenate worth talking about. And all that and more is explored as Nadine hits the mic as the first guest of our podcast series, Seated with NYLON Manila.


First things first, yes, we finally have a podcast. Seated with NYLON Manila is our latest vision of bringing the stories worth telling to the forefront. In Seated, guests share their big, bold, brave story as they showcase new facets of themselves to viewers and listeners. Each episode of Seated, which will run between 20-30 minutes, will be hosted by our Editor-in-Chief, Ayn Bernos, as she sits down with superstars, rising names, interesting personalities, and other figures who have a story worth telling. Our first foray into the world of podcasts will hopefully give you insightful, interesting, and inviting conversations that may just teach you a thing or two about your faves.

Naturally, it only felt right to have Nadine Lustre serve as the first guest on Seated. She’s a proverbial open book who isn’t afraid to keep it real and share her many lessons, learnings, and ate advice, some of which she imparted with us. In the premiere episode, Nadine takes a trip down memory lane as she reflects on the big firsts of her career, spills the tea on her long-awaited new music era, and how she dealt with 20s. And in a special moment, Nadine surprises some of her lucky fans for a moment you do not want to miss.

Watch the full episode featuring Nadine Lustre below or on Spotify. And stay tuned as more episodes of Seated with NYLON Manila drops on YouTube and Spotify.

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