Your Fave Wattpad Authors Are Spilling The Tea With Their Spotify Podcasts

It's time for these authors to go unscripted.

Some of the biggest Filipino Wattpad authors now have their own podcasts on Spotify. And yes, they’ll be sharing juicy secrets about your fave novels.

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If you want to know what people are reading these days, one of the best places to check out is Wattpad. For years, the platform has been host to some of the biggest novels of modern-day fiction. The popularity of these novels, and by association their authors, have seen many fan groups sprout up looking to dissect their fave books word by word. And for those looking for more info about their current read or want to get to know the author better, they can do just that now because Wattpad authors recently entered the world of podcasts.


Recently, Wattpad and Spotify announced that they were launching a set of podcasts exclusively for the music streaming platform. And bringing these shows to life are some of the biggest Filipino and Indonesian Wattpad authors. This is Wattpad’s way of getting the authors closer to their fans and readers. It also gives them a chance to tell more stories in a brand-new format.

“Wattpad is focused on unlocking the power of storytelling and providing ways for creators to tell their stories and earn a living doing so,” shares Kelly O’Mara, Director of Account Management at Wattpad Brand Partnerships in an interview with NYLON Manila. According to her, working with Spotify was a no-brainer as it gave authors a brand-new platform. “Working in a new format like podcasts will allow these creators to deepen their fandoms and engagement with their audience, and also hopefully gain them new fans!”


Wattpad assembled a host of diverse creators to front its lineup of shows. Some shows to watch out for include Ma. Cristina Lata‘s Love and Wander with Tina and Ariesa Jane Domingo’s B is For, which revolve around intimate explorations of an author’s creative journey to personal musings on everyday life. There’s also Caught in His Arms author Ventre Canard‘s podcast VentreCanard in Yellow Voice. The show gives listeners behind-the-scenes commentary, tips, and other personal stories from the writer.

Each show has its unique vibe that reflects the personality of the author. This creativity is what Wattpad always aimed to deliver with these podcasts. “When looking at how we wanted to work with Spotify, we reached out to creators who have expressed interest in audio storytelling formats to us, as well as creators who we know have experience streaming on different platforms.” As Kelly shares, the only guide creators had to follow was to be themselves. “We wanted the creators to be as authentic to themselves and their audience as possible. We let them have full creative freedom to develop and plan their shows.”

Oftentimes, when on Wattpad, we rarely get the chance to know the person behind the novels that we binged read. These podcasts are here to change that and give the authors a new voice, one where they can share who they are as people. It’s this kind of intimate sharing that Kelly feels that these podcasts are must-listen. “This is THE place to go to get a behind-the-scenes look from your favorite Indonesian and Filipino Wattpad authors. Nowhere else will they be sharing this level of detail into their lives, passions, backgrounds, and creative process.” And yes, these shows will also be a place for fans to get news, tidbits and, current and upcoming titles.

On which of the 20 podcasts available fans should listen to first, Kelly doesn’t pick. Instead, she marvels at how each podcast is like a door that opens into the minds of the authors. “I love that there is a range of topics and themes from each person every week. I enjoy learning about what motivates our creators, and hearing stories from their formative years.”


It’s safe to say then that these Spotify podcasts should be on the to-do list for fans, especially for Filipino fans wanting to get to know more about some of Wattpad’s biggest Pinoy authors. It’s no secret that Filipinos are some of the most engaged fans on Wattpad. From readership to writers, the Philippines is near the top of their list, something Kelly attributes to the Filipino romance novels that have come from the platform. “[Filipinos] love and support their local creators and stories. The Filipino Wattpad community loves to read Pinoy Romances that have characters and themes that uniquely resonate with the culture.”

At the end of the day, it’s stories that are at the heart of the podcasts. “Wattpad is home to one of the most diverse groups of readers and storytellers on the planet,” explains Kelly. “As a result, we see new trends in storytelling that don’t exist anywhere else! This uniqueness and authenticity are what makes stories on Wattpad so successful.”

Kelly O’Mara, Director of Account Management at Wattpad Brand Partnerships

Who knows, these podcasts might even inspire you to write your very own Wattpad novel, one Kelly hopes comes from a place that is distinctly you. “The most important thing is to be yourself and write the stories you want to write. Don’t try to follow the trends, you’ll never keep up! By writing stories that are uniquely you, you have the chance to find readers who are also searching for that type of story and connection. Those are the ways to be most authentic to yourself and build a devoted fandom.”

Check out the full playlist of the shows here.

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