Entering The Bow Era: What Recent Trends Say About Healing Our Inner Child Through Fashion

We're thinking pink and tied in ribbons.

Hyper-feminine fashion is taking over the scene, and it says a lot about our childhood.

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In the wild world of fashion, certain trends take center stage, dictating what’s next from top to bottom inside our wardrobes. Currently stealing the limelight are ballet flats, mini skirts, and accessories tied in a pretty pink bow. One scroll through TikTok, and you’ll see that from balletcore to coquette, hyper-feminine fashion is in full swing.

So, what’s with the serious surge of femininity and ribbon rolls? While Barbie’s big year is partly responsible, we’re finally getting in touch with our girlhood. It isn’t necessarily the most unexpected in the scene, but it’s not your usual comeback. Transcending the mere revival of Y2K, this style says a lot about healing our inner child.

Barbiecore and Coquette

When aesthetics are reverberating across the cosmos, two in particular are currently commanding our Insta-scroll: Barbiecore and Coquette. In a chromatic celebration where we unapologetically think pink, these aren’t fleeting trends—they’re cultural movements, turning the runway into a soiree where every look is a VIP pass to the most fabulous party in town.

With references ranging from iconic Barbie commercials to the whimsical world of French coquette charm, these styles seamlessly blend pop culture with a fresh take on femininity, creating a fashion narrative that is as nostalgic as it is avant-garde.

The not-so-humble Barbiecore is like the style chameleon, but lately, it’s transformed into more of a fashion movement with a cult-like following. Thanks to Greta Gerwig’s film starring Margot Robbie, pink has become an undeniable sensation. Robbie’s array of designer outfits from various press events, combined with Valentino and Chanel’s celeb-approved collections, has propelled Barbiecore into fashion superstardom. As of January 2024, #barbiecore is blowing up with over 1.1 billion hits on TikTok – yeah, it’s that big.

Picture a pink revival, paying homage to Barbie’s iconic hue, and it’s not just on the streets; it’s taking over high fashion, too. Barbiecore throws it back with playful nods to the doll’s signature style, offering a visual vibe that’s all about bows, dresses, and platform heels. It’s like stepping into a time capsule of cool where even the plastic icon herself might be a little jealous.

Meanwhile, Coquette takes inspiration from the art of flirtation, translating into fabulously flirty silhouettes and makeup looks—a nod to the soft femininity of a bygone era. This charming core revolves around lace pieces, silky textures, and a subtle color palette. If you can’t picture this trend, imagine Sabrina Carpenter collaborating with the costume stylist of Bridgerton.

Painting the Town Pink

These trends are painting the town pink, and it’s like this collective decision among women to embrace the soft side of life. Cue the resurgence of the infamous phrase, ‘I’m just a girl,’ making a grand comeback. Suddenly, it’s not just a caption for ribbon-filled videos; it’s an extended version of girl math that justifies those unnecessary purchases and even the label for our eating habits – hello, girl dinner!

Honestly, it feels like we’re finally letting our hair down after years of hustling and trying to girlboss our way through life. It’s like a sigh of relief, waving that white flag and saying, ‘We’re just enjoying girlhood for a moment.’ But here’s the thing – could this trend also be unknowingly and unapologetically healing our inner child?

Her Healing Phase

As we walk through the path of adulthood, fashion emerges as our rebellious anthem, echoing with the desire to express ourselves, defy societal standards, and wear everything our parents never approved of outside the house—from feathers to corsets. Let’s not talk about the time when we were confined to the monotony of school uniforms and the never-ending saga of business casuals.

Enter the scene-stealers: Barbiecore, Coquette, and all things pink wrapped in ribbons. It’s like a breath of fresh air, reminding us that we can still dress delicately, femininely, and playfully. These trends transcend mere fabric and frills; they’re a comforting embrace of the carefree spirit we once were.

In a world where responsibilities and grown-up norms attempt to confine us, our wardrobe transforms into the rebel yell. It goes beyond the pursuit of aesthetic appeal; it’s about feeling good, reclaiming the innocence that adulthood sometimes steals from us.

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