12 Nail Designs That Serve Big Barbie Energy

This Barbie needs to book her next nail appointment.

With these Barbie-inspired nail designs, we’re literally painting the town pink!

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Barbie has been slaying the game for ages, becoming a symbol of beauty, glamour, and everything feminine. With her flawless hair and killer fashion sense, Barbie has won over the hearts of millions worldwide. It’s undeniable that we’re all just living in a Barbie world. From Barbie-inspired makeup to the Barbiecore fashion trend, the whole town is painted pink. And that includes nail designs that channel our inner Barbie.

Whether you’re into Barbie’s classic pink aesthetic or totally down to experimenting with vibrant colors and rad patterns, these nail designs will help you serve big Barbie energy that’s all about being fun, flirty, and absolutely fabulous. From movie-inspired nail sets to nailing that iconic silhouette, there are literally endless possibilities for your next nail appointment.

1. Real-Life Barbie

You totally can’t get more Barbie-inspired nails than these. Like, they were worn by Margot Robbie herself and were made by Chanel nail artist Betina Goldstein. This abstract nail art was the real deal on our real-life Barbie during the Mexico movie premiere. BTW, Betina posted a tutorialfor the alcohol ink set!How cool is that?

2.‘Barbie Diaries’Inspired

Yes, we’re all about rockstars! Taking inspiration from the 2006 film franchise, Barbie Diaries, this airbrushed nail set by ELINAILS nods to a drummer version of Barbie with stars, gems, and a whole lot of pink and purple.

3. Barbie & Ken

No need to even ask, we’re totally Team Barbie and Team Ken! With this ombré manicure from Phoebe Summer Nails, we’re channeling Barbie and Ken’s power couple energy.

4. Barbie Pool Party

If it’s time to fangirl, we will fangirl hard. That’s Handy Nails turns the Barbie movie pool scene into reality with this nail set. It’s giving summertime with palm trees and a tropical colorway. Yes, the Cardiff-based nail artist even included a 3D pool donut.

5. Barbie, but make it… Baddie

Today, we wouldn’t be baddies without Barbie. Nailing the trending butterfly, flower, and swirls nail art, Annabel Maginnis twisted the usual pink Barbiecore with black French tips.

6. Blushing Barbie

Barbie is all about wearing her heart on her sleeve, and it totally makes sense that her nails would serve some hearts! Just like Barbie’s signature style, Julia Talisman’s blushing pink and red manicure is absolutely nailing it with white hearts and big bows.

7. Cosmic Barbie

Remember when we all wanted to become an astronaut because of Space Discovery Barbie? Well, it’s time to channel that childhood dream with this cosmic set from Q Quirky Nails. Those pink aura nails with small gems and thin tips are absolutely out of this world!

8. Inspired by Barbie’s Fairytopia

Let me tell you, Fairytopia was one of the OG Barbie movies. Diving deep into the garden fairy aesthetic, take a look at this set by Mieux Nails. Besides the fantasy and colorway being to die for, it features purple butterfly wings and a gold chrome base for the tips. ICYDK, this nail artist is based in Marikina City. Take this as a sign to book that nail appointment.

9. Malibu Barbie

Summer is officially one degree hotter. Reimagining Malibu Barbie’s iconic color, Laci Sundays compliments the solid-colored nails with an added chrome base to the classic shade of hot pink.

10. Inspired by Barbie’s Mermaidia

Mermaid nails are the summer manicures we’re seriously craving. Taking inspiration from Barbie’s Mermaidia, pearlescent shell-like shades are taking center stage. Of course, Mere Limtiek took this nail design to another level with 3D waves and pearls.

11. Retro Barbie

This Barbie is going retro. Hannah Taylor takes back last summer’s pale pink, orange, and blue and pink swirls for Barbie szn. Think of this nostalgic design as the nail version of those tie-dye shirts you made during quarantine—they’re fun, cute, and can be worn on a day-to-day basis.

12. Y2K Barbie

Since everything’s trending all at once, might as well mix them together. With many of our favorite celebrities embracing the massive comeback of the Y2K, Q Quirky Nails takes over with pink aura nails, silver metallics, and chains. Talk about a bold choice!

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